Procurement Process

The Office of Procurement Services has gone digital!

Staff can request Procurement services within the WesternNow Portal.

Services our team offer include;

  • Creating or amending your Stationery Account – COS services
  • Creating or amending a Supplier’s Details – You can request changes to active and inactive suppliers including Bank Account, ABN, name etc…
  • Procurement Process – Submit Procurement Plans and create Purchase Orders - refer to the Procurement on a Page Knowledge Article for our Policy summary
  • Asset updates – Make changes to the records Procurement keeps on your assets, e.g. amending the owner
  • Request for software deployment – Obtain assistance with software deployments
  • Disposing of a non-leased asset - Covers all IT Categories that have been purchased outright
  • Request a PO Contract Variation – Make changes to existing Purchase Orders and/or Contracts
  • Request to cancel a Purchase Order – Cancel or close an existing Purchase Order
  • General Procurement Enquiries – Contact us for any general enquiries or questions

Need further assistance?

Guides on how to use our forms and how to follow our policies are detailed within the WesternNow Knowledge Articles.

Follow the below steps to locate our Knowledge Articles:

  1. Log onto WesternNow
  2. Select Browse (right corner)
  3. Select Knowledge
  4. Search for required information

If you have any questions, please raise a General Procurement Enquiry form via WesternNow

Purchase Orders

For guidance and/or information on how to raise a Purchase Order on the WesternNow platform please watch the below tutorial video (staff login required).

A Purchase Order is the University's official order form issued in order to procure goods and services on behalf of the University. Purchase Orders are issued only for items to be used by the University and cannot under any circumstances be used for staff or student personal requirements.

A Purchase Order is required for all purchases for goods and services over $5,000 in value and for smaller value orders when other means are not appropriate.

This page is intended to provide University staff with a general understanding of the procurement process. The Procurement process in administered through WesternNow which has several Knowledge Articles to provide step by step details on the services Procurement provide.

The Office of Procurement Services offers assistance in the following:

  • Purchasing of Goods and Services
  • Creating and amending Supplier details
  • Software deployment
  • Telephony
  • Travel
  • Stationery
  • Contracts
  • GIPA Compliance
  • Assets
  • Disposal of a non-leased asset
  • Print
  • PO compliance
  • Software purchases

How to Purchase (goods and services) at Western

In all cases when procurement activities are being undertaken the following basics should be adhered to:

  • There is a business need for the transaction.
  • The business area has sufficient budget to meet the total costs of the procurement. In addition to the goods or services, these costs may include installation, training, improving infrastructure or hiring additional staff to support the purchase.
  • Transactions are not split to circumvent policy.
  • Total Cost of Ownership must include total purchase value over the term of engagement.
  • Any variation or deviation from the Procurement Matrix will require Strategic Procurement approval. Please raise a Procurement Plan to obtain this approval.
  • The appropriate Delegate must approve Procurement activities to be initiated.
  1. Are you seeking to purchase a restricted item?
    1. Refer to Restricted Items Knowledge Article for a full list and ‘How to’ steps to purchase these items
    2. If no, refer to step 2
  2. What is the total cost of the purchase?

Total Cost of Ownership

Procurement Requirements

Approvals Required

Contracts Required

Less than $5K

  • No quote required
  • Pay via a credit card (preferred)
  • Or raise a Purchase Order (PO) in WesternNow
  • Financial Delegate


$5K - $50K

  • 1 written quote   required and raise a Purchase Order in WesternNow
  • Financial Delegate
    (Approval obtained through WesternNow)

Supplier Terms & Conditions - Jan 2022 (PDF, 262.19 KB) (opens in a new window)  (issued with the PO)

$50K - $250K

  • Procurement Plan   via WesternNow
    - 3 written quotes
  • Generate Purchase  Order
  • Line Manager
  • Financial Delegate
  • Procurement Delegate

Probity Guidelines & Tender Declaration (DOCX, 1254.29 KB) (opens in a new window)

The type of contract used will be either a standard form template approved by the Office of General Counsel or a bespoke contract, depending on the type of Procurement activity and level of risks involved.

$250K +

  • Tender process to be undertaken – submit a Procurement Plan via WesternNow
  • Line Manager
  • Financial Delegate
  • Procurement Delegate

Procurement’s Contract Management - assist in the first instance to ensure the agreement is appropriate to the nature and value of the goods and services required.

Please raise a Procurement Plan or General Enquiry – Contracts ticket to contact Contract Management.

Restricted Items / Preferred Suppliers

Restricted Items
The University has authorised certain business units to negotiate and secure contracts for particular goods and/or services on its behalf.  Only those nominated areas are authorised to procure for these items. These restrictions are approved by the Vice-President, Finance and Resources. Refer to the Knowledge Article for specific items and processes

Preferred Suppliers
These are a list of suppliers who supply specific goods and/or services to the university. All goods or services with a preferred supplier are listed in the Restricted Items Knowledge Article. All purchases must go through Strategic Procurement or the relevant business unit to procure.

Financial Delegates

The authority to purchase on behalf of the University is vested in nominated positions as outlined in the Delegations of Authority Policy.

The Financial Delegate (or holder of the appropriate delegation) for a procurement transaction is responsible to ensure that they are satisfied of all of the appropriate procedures and process have been followed before authorising the purchase transaction.

Contract Management Process

Procurement Services will assist with determining the appropriate standard contract form for the activity. If you require contract assistance, please raise

  • Procurement Plan (purchasing new goods and service)
  • General Enquiry – Contracts