Susanne Jones

Susanne Jones

Susanne Jones


Susanne Rae Jones

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Reclaiming Tradition


Based in Campbelltown will travel to other campuses if needed

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Phone O410453725

11 Patrick St Campbelltown

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Hospitality of International students

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LGBTQIA community and ally

Women’s Issues

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Australian Cultural literacy conversation groups

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Care for the environment

Climate change discussions

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Particular Focus in Chaplaincy

I see myself as a welcoming face at the university. I aim to provide a listening ear and heart to the university community. To make bridges and connection between the university and the community. The deep desire is to create connection between all students and staff whatever their beliefs at the same time as fostering a deep love for this earth.

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I am a mother of three adult children who have all taken the university journey. I have been to university several times finally completing my degree then Phd in my 40’s. I have been a registered nurse and high school teacher.

Favorite … (film or food or music or sport or ?)

Its easier to say what I don’t like to eat: meat, chocolate and wine!

I am a yoga teacher – I love to bushwalk

I love African , blues and west coast USA music