About the Project

'Australian Cultural Fields: National and Transnational Dynamics' is an Australian Research Council Discovery Project (DP140101970) which commenced in 2014. Download the project flyer.

Lines of Inquiry

In engaging with the dynamics of the art, literary, media, sport, music and heritage fields, the project is guided by the following seven lines of inquiry:

  • How has the development of transnational markets changed the patterns, forms and relations of cultural production and consumption in Australia?
  • What has been the impact of digital technologies on the relations between national and transnational forms of cultural production and consumption?
  • What role do State and local agencies play in relation to international and Federal agencies in shaping Australian cultural fields?
  • How has the significance accorded Indigenous Australian culture as vital to the maintenance of Indigenous identities and to a wider Australian identity reshaped contemporary cultural practices?
  • How have migration and the growth of diasporic communities shaped changing cultural practices?
  • To what extent have these changing dynamics of Australian cultural fields broadened access to the arts and culture in Australia or entrenched cultural hierarchies and inequalities?
  • How are the increasingly transnational characteristics of Australian cultural fields connected to relations of class, gender and ethnicity?

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