Pantelis Kolokythas, Bachelor of Social Science

Pantelis Kolokythas 

Pantelis Kolokythas is deeply connected to his local community.

Pantelis grew up in Liverpool and attended Moorebank High School. The 22-year-old is in the second year of a Bachelor of Social Science at Western Sydney University, with the aim of becoming a social worker.

When Pantelis isn't studying, you may find him playing soccer at Ernie Smith Reserve, or attending martial arts classes in Moorebank. In his spare time he also works as a youth worker and mentor for local children in crisis care.

"I work with children who, for many reasons, are not able to live with their parents. I drop them off to school, or I stay with them overnight in the temporary residential houses. Sometimes they need someone to talk to, and sometimes they just need company."

Pantelis says, growing up in Liverpool, he enjoyed being part of a "close community, where everyone knows everyone." He says he was given all of the opportunities and resources to succeed – but some kids in the area aren't so lucky.

"There is some socio-economic disadvantage in Liverpool, and some troubled youth. I'm passionate about working with these kids, and helping to send them on the right path."

Pantelis says having a Western Sydney University campus in Liverpool is an important step towards invigorating the city, reversing the cycle of disadvantage, and creating more opportunities for young people in the region.

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