Vice-Chancellor’s Gender Equity and Respectful Relationships Advisory Committee

Terms of reference

The Vice-Chancellor’s Gender Equity and Respectful Relationships Advisory Committee (VCGERRAC) is an advisory body to the Vice-Chancellor providing leadership on:

  • Key gender equity issues across the University, including gender diversity; and
  • The promotion of positive relationships, respect and equality, including ensuring each of the University’s campuses are free from sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The VCGERRAC will advise on:

  1. Strategic directions, priorities and objectives for University staff and students in relation to:
    1. Gender equity, including the Science in Australia Gender Equity program (SAGE)
    2. Gender diversity
    3. The annual determination of the priorities and quantum for the Gender Equity Fund and the proposals to be funded.
    4. The prevention of and response to sexual assault and sexual harassment within the University community, including:
  2. the ongoing development and monitoring of a range of education and support initiatives
  3. continual review and assessment of the University’s sexual harassment and sexual assault policies and procedures
  4. collaboration with relevant internal and external bodies to help identify and inform interventions which are based on sound research.
  5. University performance and outcomes in areas of gender equity, gender diversity, and the prevention of and response to sexual assault and sexual harassment.

The Committee meets 4 times a year, standing Agenda items for consideration at meetings will include:

  • Progress reports on Vice-Chancellor’s Gender Equity Fund
  • Progress reports regarding:
  • Gender Equity Strategy and Action Plan;
  • Indigenous Strategy;
  • People Strategy;
  • Respectful Relationships Action Plan;
  • Ally Network
  • Student Collectives – Disability Collective, Ethno-Cultural Collective, Indigenous Student Council, Queer Collective, Women’s Collective,
  • Parent Student Unions
  • Rainbow Western
  • Sexualities and Genders Research Network
  • Student Representative Council
  • Social Justice Network
  • We-CALD Network
  • VC International Student Advisory Council
  • SAGE Project (including SAGE Assessments);
  • Reports of sexual harm and outcomes from the Complaints Resolution Unit;
  • Outcomes and insights arising from compliance and benchmarking processes – including but not limited to Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) Reporting, WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equity (EOCGE) performance, National Student Safety Survey (or other) results, and Times Higher Education (THE) Impact benchmarking;
  • Periodic activity and impact reports from the Equity and Diversity Working Party (EDWP) network;
  • Proposals or recommendations regarding Committee Functions;
  • Stakeholder updates (annual briefing, submitted on a rotational basis, as per a schedule of reports), including (but not limited to):

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As an advisory committee to the Vice-Chancellor, the membership will be broadly representative of the University community and include members with functional responsibilities in relevant areas of strategy and operation.

Membership will adhere to gender balance guidelines provided within the Gender Equity Policy

General Committee membership will be by invitation from the Vice-Chancellor for a term of 2-years. At the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor, a member may be selected for an additional 2-year term.

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Executive Officer & Secretariat:

Equity and Diversity;

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