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Campus: Hawkesbury K7.G.13
Phone: 4570 1252
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Office of Equity & Diversity Team

Michelle Falconer Senior Manager, Equity & Diversity
Melinda BlackmoreAdministration Coordinator (Monday – Thursday)
Michelle Corbett Senior Coordinator, (Monday - Friday)
Katie Hayes Senior Project Officer, (Monday - Wednesday)
Leanne Kent Manager Equity Programs, (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)
Lee Kroehnert Senior Project Officer, (Monday - Wednesday)
Briony Laws Project Support Officer, (Tuesday – Thursday)
Rob Leggo Project Support Officer, (Wednesday – Friday)
Caroline KrixNational Disability Coordination Officer (Monday - Thursday
Jacqueline Lentini National Disability Coordination Officer, (Monday - Friday)
Kimberley Ann Pangilinan Senior Project Officer, (Monday - Friday)