Leadership, Talent Identification & Networking


The Career Development Opportunities information of the Talent and Leadership Development website reflects the University's ongoing commitment to developing a high quality workforce by providing relevant and value-adding career development opportunities to develop staff capabilities in key impact areas of the University's strategic plan.

Training is provided in areas such as:

  • Leadership
  • Unconscious Bias - Behavioural Interviewing: Recruiting the right person
  • Networks, including Early-Mid Career Academics Network, and
  • Mentoring opportunities for Academic and Professional Staff

Leadership programs & talent identification

Examples of Western Sydney University initiatives and programs that are provided for Academic Women include:

  • Academic Careers and Development Program
  • Epigeum
  • Inspire Academic Leadership Program
  • Academic Mentoring Program
  • ECR Female Executive Speed Mentoring Program
  • MyVoice Speed Mentoring

For further details about the above and additional programs and initiatives see Gender Equality Leadership Programs for Women (PDF, 79.01 KB) (opens in new window)Opens in a new window.

The University finalised a review of its academic promotions policy in December of 2016. It also has a Gender Equality Policy with specific targets for gender balance on committees (opens in new window)Opens in a new window.

Western Sydney University Senior Women's Group

The Women's Group provides a forum for staff to meet, network, share information and discuss gender equity issues.

The Office of Human Resources facilitates the Group Seminars, which are held 3-4 times a year and are free to attend.

Attendance at the seminars is considered to be a staff development training experience and time taken to attend is recorded as work time.

Network For Emerging Women (NEW)

NEW is an initiative aimed at supporting gender equality and career progression for women employed at the University in professional staff HEW 1 to 8, and academic staff level A to C. This Network is sponsored by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic).

NEW currently has over 170 members and regularly holds forums across the University exploring activities to support gender equality and career progression of female staff to senior roles.

Join the NEW Yammer Group to keep up to date on NEW activities and initiatives.