Cultural Diversity

William Barton playing didgeridoo with Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Greater Western Sydney has one of the most diverse cultural communities in the world. This places Western Sydney University in a unique position, providing opportunities to explore and embed a rich cultural dimension across all aspects of the University’s activity.

The University draws 77% of our students from the region and has an established history in celebrating and promoting the diversity and inclusion of many different cultures. This has been reflected in the recent Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Ranking where the University was ranked 2nd for reducing inequalities and also ranked highly for peace, justice and strong institutions.

The University is guided by:

Australian Government's multicultural statement

Multicultural Australia - united, strong, successful

Multicultural Australia – united, strong, successful is the Government’s public statement recommitting to multicultural Australia; setting both priorities and strategic directions for the coming years.

Strategic Plans and Policies

The University's commitment to promoting a positive and supportive learning and working environment for students and staff from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds is embedded in the University's Strategic Plan and the Equity and Diversity Strategic Plan and various policies including:

Events and Supports

Western Sydney University celebrates our cultural diversity and highlights opportunities for students and staff to participate in these events. Various supports, entitlements and opportunities are available to students and staff from CALD backgrounds.

Harmony Week (20-26 March)Steve Williams During Smoking Ceremony

Harmony Week is a chance to celebrate multiculturalism in Australia and represents inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background.

The University runs events across campuses.

Diversity Fest

Diversity Fest is a key event that celebrates our incredible diversity across many dimensions including culture, sex, gender, physical and mental abilities, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political beliefs, religious practices and socio-economic status.

Each year Diversity Fest events are held across the university and include live performances, artwork, panel discussions, stalls, food trucks and more.

Support for International Students

There are supports available for international students ranging from finding somewhere to live, finding out about visa conditions or how to can find work in Australia. The University supports International students with orientation events, academic writing supports and fun, informal English conversation groups across campus.

Staff Leave for Cultural Days

The Academic and Professional Staff Agreements provide leave entitlements for cultural commitments under the NSW Premier’s List of Days of Religious Significance for Multicultural NSW.

Refugee Scholarships

The University is also a leading supporter of higher education outcomes for refugees. Several initiatives are available for refugees including the Western Sydney University Refugee Scholarship Fund, the Western Sydney College Refugee Scholarships initiative and the Joan Reid Scholarship for Refugee Women.


Western Sydney University is committed to a racism free environment for students and staff. For more information on anti-racism and the University’s initiatives, go to the Equity and Diversity page on Anti-Racism.

Available Training

The University has a number of training courses available through MyCareer online including free self-paced courses as well as courses hosted by Equity and Diversity and Organisational Development.