Scholarship helped pave the way to promising legal career

Graduate Maryam Norri with Nadine Cooper, Human Resource Manager at Bartier Perry

Maryam Noori, a 23-year-old resident of St Marys, has celebrated her graduation from Western Sydney University.

As she embarks on a promising legal career at Bartier Perry, Maryam has encouraged other young women from Western Sydney who may be aspiring for a career in Law.

“If you are thinking about a career in law; just go for it,” says Maryam.

“There are so many more opportunities available for women. Firms are starting to make changes as part of their commitment to corporate social responsibility – I think there are lots of changes to come in the next few years in this profession.”

Maryam completed the University’s combined Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership)/Bachelor of Laws degree.

She was also a recipient of the Bartier Perry Scholarship – which provides financial support and mentorship to women studying law.

Bartier Perry – a Sydney-based commercial law firm – has supported three female Western Sydney University law students to date, through a commitment of $150,000 up to 2022.

Maryam says the financial support offered by the scholarship allowed her to focus on her studies. The professional development provided by Bartier Perry was also invaluable.

“As part of the mentoring offered by the scholarship, I had access to a breadth of professionals and reported directly to a lawyer with over 35 years’ experience,” says Maryam.

“It’s really important to do well academically, but it’s also critical to gain practical experience throughout.”

In July, Maryam began the role of Senior Paralegal at Bartier Perry. Maryam’s goal is to become a practising solicitor – to this end, Maryam will continue with postgraduate studies in law in 2018.

“The best thing about working at Bartier Perry is that you’re working for a firm that is progressive and proactive in responding to the disproportionately low number of females in leadership roles. They are driving the shift towards a more diverse profession,” says Maryam.

“Helping others is a huge motivation in becoming a practising solicitor for me; I really want to make my mark within the community. Studying law at Western Sydney Law School has made me aware of my own rights, and now I want to help others be aware of their rights. The Law School has a strong commitment to social justice and instilling in students a real sense of fairness and equity,” she said.

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20 December 2017

Media Unit