Journalism graduates make their mark in local news

Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) student Ryan will become the first male newsreader for TVS News
Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) graduate Farah will be bringing her local media experience to the TVS News team
Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) graduate Amy will be assisted in her new role by her production experience

Three University of Western Sydney graduates have taken the next big steps in their journalism careers after being selected to be the new faces of the community news team at Television Sydney (TVS).

Farah Abdurahman, Amy Richardson and Ryan McClenahan have joined news producer and fellow UWS graduate, Krystyna Pollard, to present TVS News every Friday at 6.30pm on digital channel 44.

Produced in partnership with Fairfax, the news not only presents a local round-up of happenings in the greater western Sydney area but also provides UWS journalism students with training and the opportunity for internships.

Farah graduated with a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) in 2010, and currently works for The Liverpool Champion.

“Growing up, I never imagined I would find a career that I could love so much,” she said.

“Being a journalist has opened up so many doors for me and has given me insight into the intimate workings of the world.

“As a journalist we are in a position where not only are we allowed to scrutinise the information disseminated to the general public as fact, but we are encouraged to.

“We provide a vital service to our community, and as a local reporter, we are often better engaged with those communities.''

Amy graduated from UWS in April of this year with a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism), and also works as an online producer for Fairfax.

“I really enjoying working in television as a journalist and presenter,” she said. “It's an exciting and challenging change from writing news for the paper and online.

“So far it's been a great experience and another step forward in my journalism career.” Ryan, the first male newsreader for TVS News, will graduate with a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) in September 2013.

Ryan completed an internship with TVS while studying at UWS, experiencing all facets of news reporting and even presenting a few pieces to camera. He began reading the news in April.

“Having the opportunity to work for TVS as a newsreader at the start of my career is an achievement I am very proud of,” he said.

“I enjoy the challenges that the position offers and it has allowed me to form a close and fruitful relationship with TVS.

“It not only gives me a focal point when considering my future aspirations, it has helped me develop essential life skills and a body of work I can show with pride.”

Jessica Aquilina, who is also a Fairfax journalist working for The Hills News, is another graduate who is currently in training for the news.  Jessica studied a Bachelor of Communication (Honours) majoring in journalism, and graduated in 2010.

TVS chief executive Rachel Bentley said she was pleased to have so many UWS graduates heading up the station’s news.

“TVS strives for quality broadcasting and we are proud to present a weekly news bulletin that deals with the real issues in local communities,” she said.

“The news is presented in partnership with Fairfax Community Newspapers, which ensures our viewers are able to see what’s happening right across the greater Sydney region.

“I am delighted to welcome Farah, Amy, Ryan and Jessica on board as part of the TVS team.”

Fairfax group editor Mark Dennis said TVS News, which had now been going for two years, was a great example of a successful community partnership.

“We get a greater audience for our content, our journalists and photographers get training in video reporting, and TVS gets authoritative local content for its news program,” he said.

TVS News airs every Friday at 6.30pm on Digital 44.


14 May 2013

Contact: Mark Smith, Media Officer 

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