Getting a head start: top tips for starting uni mid-year

As a non-current school leaver herself, Western Sydney University student Yulita Bassilious knows that deciding to start university can sometimes be a daunting experience – but help is right there, whenever you need it. A member of the University’s Student Services Hub team, Yulita gives her top 5 reasons for starting university mid-year, and where to go to find help with the transition.

I’m thinking about university study and have lots of questions. Where do I go to for help?

Western’s Student Services Hub is a very helpful service that gives prospective students the opportunity to speak to current students in real time and ask any questions they may have about uni. I started as non-current school leaver and when I saw the degree I was interested in on the Western website, I spoke to someone at the Student Services Hub who talked to me about the degree and the process of applying. They explained to me that as a non-current school leaver you don’t just have your ATAR or equivalent to put in your application, so having someone explain that process to me was insightful.

How can I manage being a studying parent and juggling my work commitments?

These are some of the most common questions about how to juggle uni study with life and work. There’s lots of help available. One of the most common questions we get is about childcare facilities, which is a service offered at six of our campuses. Childcare service fees are by the hour, so if you need your child to be looked after only for two hours while you go to class, you won’t need to pay for the full day.

I haven’t studied in a long time, what if I need help with my writing and study skills?

This is a very common question and students are often relieved to hear of study resources including academic literacy programs, library assistance and study sessions available to all students. Throughout my degree academics have always been supportive responding swiftly to any questions, offering phone calls or zoom calls to ensure I was getting the best support. The peer-to-peer study programs are very helpful as well.

I don’t always have a quiet place at home, how do I study and work on assignments?

The University’s library and study spaces, including communal study halls, on campus are adequately equipped with power outlets to charge your device and provide you with a quiet space to revise notes or catch up on assignments. On campus Western Wi-Fi is free, meaning that you don’t have to worry about using mobile data during class or your time at the library.

I think I will need additional support to complete my degree, where do I find this?

There is a variety of welfare support services available for students including free counselling services and disability support to ensure students with a disability feel more confident in starting university and supported throughout their journey. It is important to note that our welfare and disability services can support students as early as once they make an application and speak to them at that stage about any concerns. Another great benefit is the free student breakfast which helps with rushed mornings and saving money.