Frequently Asked Questions

Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)

The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) is a Commonwealth initiative that has been introduced to improve the recognition and portability of Australian qualifications. Western Sydney University started issuing AHEGSs to all graduating students in 2011. Students who completed their course at the end of 2010 and graduated at the April 2011 graduation ceremonies were the first to receive an AHEGS.

What is the purpose of the AHEGS?

The purpose of the AHEGS is to assist in both national and international recognition of Australian qualifications and to promote international mobility and professional recognition of graduates.

Will AHEGSs be handed out retrospectively?

No, AHEGSs will not be distributed retrospectively to graduates whose degrees were conferred (awarded) prior to April 2011.

What will be included on an AHEGS?

An AHEGS includes information about the award, UWS, the graduate's academic results, additional course details, special awards or achievements and the Australian Higher Education system.

What special awards or achievements will be included on my AHEGS?

The following special awards or achievements earned during the period of your study for this degree, should appear at the end of Section 4 of your AHEGS:

* University Medal
* Dean's Medal
* Academic merit scholarships
* Academic achievement prizes

If University prizes are awarded after graduation, can these be included in the AHEGS?

Some University prizes are awarded after graduation. A graduate awarded a University prize for performance in an award course after graduation will be eligible for a replacement AHEGS if their prize was awarded from 2010 onwards. They will need to contact once they have been notified of the prize.

Does my Dean's Merit or Dean's Medal appear on my AHEGS against all courses regardless of what course they were attained in?

No. Dean's Merit and Dean's Medals are awarded based on credit points and rankings that only apply the course they were awarded in. If you transferred courses without completing the course and your Dean's Merit or Dean's Medal was awarded in the uncompleted course, it will not appear on your AHEGS.  AHEGS are a graduation document only. If you need proof of your prize for future employers, you can use documents from the School that awarded the merit/medal.

Will graduates still receive their degree testamur and academic transcript?

AHEGSs will be issued to graduating students in addition to their testamur. AHEGSs will contain a course specific academic transcript so graduates will not receive a separate academic transcript during the graduation ceremonies.

What is the difference between an academic transcript and an AHEGS?

An academic transcript/record can be issued at any time throughout your studies and will list all units you have studied (at the time the order is placed) for all courses you have studied in at the University. An AHEGS can only be issued once you have graduated. An AHEGS lists only the units you have studied in the course you've graduated from. It also provides additional information about your qualification, the institution where this qualification was completed and the Australian higher education system.')

Are AHEGSs only relevant to graduates planning to work overseas?

No, AHEGSs are intended to be presented to prospective employers in Australia, as well as overseas. In most cases, the AHEGS provides adequate information to help inform employment decisions. The presentation of information enables employers to easily compare applicants who have graduated from various Australian universities.

Will my Grade Point Average (GPA) appear on the AHEGS?

Yes, graduate's GPA will be included on the AHEGS.

Will failed grades and withdrawn units appear on the AHEGS?

Yes, all results recorded for a specific award will appear on the AHEGS, including failed grades and units withdrawn after the census date.

Will students who complete a double degree receive an AHEGS for each of their qualifications?

Yes, an AHEGS will be issued for each separate award that is achieved.

Will students be charged a fee for AHEGS?

AHEGSs issued at the time of graduation will not incur a charge for graduating students. However, there will be a charge for any hardcopies requested in addition to that provided at graduation.

What do I do if there is an error on the AHEGS?

Every effort is made to ensure that the AHEGSs are correct. However, if there is a misprint or other error, graduates will need to contact and return the original incorrect AHEGS. Any replacement due to an error by the University will be issued free of charge.

Is the AHEGS the same as an e-portfolio?

No, the AHEGS differs in content and purpose from an e-portfolio. E-portfolios are maintained by students and may incorporate a range of authenticated and unauthenticated information, whereas the AHEGS is provided by UWS and contains only authenticated, verifiable and centrally recorded information.

I am a law graduate, does the Legal Profession Admission Board (LPAB) accept AHEGS?

At this stage the LPAB does not accept AHEGS and instead requests that you supply them with an Academic Transcript. Academic Transcripts are not provided upon graduation at Western Sydney University. You will need to order your Academic Transcript through Payments. Academic Transcript fees are $35 for those posted within Australia and $50 for those posted overseas.