Flexible Workspace Etiquette


  1. Be mindful and respectful of the level of your voice so that you do not distract others.
  2. Use headphones and utilise on-campus bookable Zoom meeting rooms where required.
  3. Take advantage of collaborative spaces for group conversations.

Sharing Spaces

  1. Honour your reservation time. Update or cancel your desk bookings so others can use the resources
  2. Clean-up the space after use.
  3. Clean and empty your locker at the end of use.
  4. Remember to remove your food items from the fridge at the end of use.


  1. Small efforts by all help us meet our mission of living green and reducing our carbon footprint. Conserve power. Turn off lights at the end of the day.
  2. Minimise. Bring only what you will use in a day to store in refrigerators.
  3. General waste and recycle bins are provided. Please use them appropriately.


  1. Bring your healthy-self to work. If you have any cold or flu symptoms, please stay at home.