7 December 2022

The Board of Trustees met on 7 December 2022 in Boardroom 1, The Chancellery, Level 2, Building EB, Parramatta South campus and by Zoom.  A summary of matters discussed in the open session is provided below.

The minutes of the previous Board meeting held on 5 October 2022 were confirmed with a minor amendment, and the minutes of the rotary resolution held between 17 and 21 October 2022.

Main items considered by the Board:

Chancellor’s Report
The Chancellor briefed the Board on a number of matters, including the first post-COVID National Conference on University Governance, the relationship between the University Chancellors Council and the UA Board, NESA’s concerns regarding University Early Entry Schemes and the Vice-Chancellor’s appointment to the panel for the Australian Universities Accord – Review of Australian Higher Education System.

Vice-Chancellor’s Report
The Vice-Chancellor provided an update to Board members on the Australian Universities Accord – Review of Australian Higher Education System, recent campus events, international travel, University early offer programs and Secure Jobs/Better Pay legislation.  The Vice-President (Finance and Resources) provided the Board with an update on the steps the University has taken to combat cyber security.

Acting Chair of Academic Senate Report
The Acting Chair of Academic Senate spoke to the Board on a number of matters presented at the most recent Academic Senate meeting, including Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching, Student Survey and Student Experience and the student report and presentation by the Postgraduate, HDR Student Representative.  The Acting Chair of Academic Senate highlighted the key points discussed at the recent Committee of Chairs of Academic Boards meeting.

Transformation Program Update
The Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost updated the Board on the Transformation Program.

Naming Recognition Policy
The Board approved the new Naming Recognition Policy and Naming Recognition Procedures, to replace the existing Board of Trustees approved Naming Policy.

Jane Hutchison
University Secretary