Academic Integrity Module

In collaboration with colleagues from the Educating for Academic Integrity Working Group, the Library has developed the Western Sydney University Academic Integrity Module (AIM). The module takes an educative approach to academic integrity and covers the following topics:

  • What is Academic Integrity?
  • What is Academic Misconduct?
  • Why Reference?
  • Resources for Studying with Integrity

The module takes a holistic approach to the topic of academic integrity. Not only does it teach referencing skills, but it also talks about broad strategies for studying with integrity, the moral values related to integrity, and how integrity can influence future career success.

Here is a preview of some sections of the AIM (slideshow advances automatically):

Video screen example from the Academic Integrity Module
Practical example from the Academic Integrity Module></a></div>

<div class=Scenarios example from the Academic Integrity Module
Visual example from the Academic Integrity Module

The following interactive features help you stay engaged with the content throughout the module:

  • Videos introduce real life scenarios and working examples.
  • Short quizzes let you check your understanding of content in each section of the module. The final quiz tests your learning from the whole module and helps identify areas for further learning.
  • Easy-to-understand visuals (diagrams, infographics and pictures) to help you understand the core issues related to Academic Integrity.
  • Practical tips, tools and resources.

How to complete the AIM

Number 1  In vUWS, open the 'Academic Integrity Module and Honour Code (school name)' site and complete the ACADEMIC INTEGRITY MODULE.
Number 2  Take the ACADEMIC INTEGRITY QUIZ and commit to the STUDENT HONOUR CODE.
Tick mark  When you have completed all steps, you will receive a message of success.

For more information, contact our Academic Integrity experts.