Funding available for curriculum innovation

Students collaboratingThe Flagship Curriculum Projects(opens in a new window) initiative is calling for proposals from the Western community: Schools, Institutes, Divisions, and students to develop 21C curriculum.

The new curriculum elements will draw on ‘partnership pedagogies’ to better equip our students for career success in a disrupted future of work and society. Expression of Interest (EoIs) have been called for the development of:

  1. Learning Pods (or modules)
  2. Accelerator Units
  3. Advantage Majors and Sub-Majors
  4. Ideas for 21C Futures Degrees

The scope of each curriculum element is different, and described on the Flagship Projects Overview. Teams proposing ideas must include external partners and/or WSU students as members.

Download the information and overview from the Flagship Curriculum Project website(opens in a new window). You can also download a word copy of the EoI template to structure your proposal. Please note that a statement of strategic support by the Dean must be included as part of your EoI.

Join the 21C Yammer Group(opens in a new window) to find collaborators, pitch your idea, and to learn about proposals in progress across the university community. Visit #westernsydneyu_fow for the latest discussions on the Future of Work and Curriculum Disruption forums.

Email your completed EoI to David Roach, 21C Project Manager. David can also respond to, or direct on, any questions you have about the Flagship Projects.

EoIs are due by 5pm on Wednesday 31st January 2018.

Learning Futures.NOW. Issue 3.

-November 2017-