The Writing & Society Research Centre brings together scholars in the humanities, writers, and members of the publishing industry, who have a common interest in exploring the social power of writing.

Follow the links below for information on individual Centre members. Contact details are available via the staff directory.

Chris Andrews

Associate Professor

A translator of Spanish-language fiction whose research interests include contemporary Latin American fiction, modern French fiction and poetry and experimental formalism in literature.

Helen Basides

Associate Lecturer

A literary studies scholar whose  principal area of research is eighteenth-century women's writing.

Sienna Brown

Research Associate

Sienna Brown holds an ARC Fellowship and writes historical fiction novels, centring on the Caribbean Experience in Australia.

Diego Bubbio

Associate Professor

Holds an ARC future fellowship. His research is mainly in the area of post-Kantian philosophy.

Felicity Castagna


Felicity Castagna writes Young Adult and Adult literary fiction as well as performance. Her interests are in Australian literature, collaborative and community-based art practice and writing about suburbia.

Chris Conti


A scholar whose current project brings together Hans Blumenberg's ideas on the anthropological significance of rhetoric with writers such as Franz Kafka, Samuel Beckett, Patrick White, and John Barth.

Tegan Daylight


An author, critic and teacher whose works include novels, essays and books for children and teenagers.

Milissa Deitz


Worked as a journalist for 15 years, her research interests include convergent and participatory media, social media, surrogacy, culture jamming and online identities.

Ben Etherington

Senior Lecturer

A scholar and critic whose work concerns the emergence of literary materials and communities during decolonization. Further interests: dialect verse, relation between literature and music, Marxian aesthetics.

Kate Fagan


A writer, editor and musician whose research interests include Australian poetry and literature, C20th American literature, cultural and literary theory, innovative poetics and contemporary music.

Chris Fleming

Associate Professor

A René Girard scholar whose research interests include philosophy, literary theory, and cultural and social analysis.

James Gourley


A scholar of modern and contemporary literature whose research interests include temporality, cyclicity and the novel.

Ivor Indyk

Whitlam Chair

A publisher and literary critic whose research interests include Australian literature and literary publishing.

Anne Jamison

Deputy Director and Senior Lecturer

A feminist literary critic whose research interests include Victorian literature and culture and Irish writing.

Helen Koukoutsis


A scholar who specialises in nineteenth-century American literature, especially Emily Dickinson and her cultural milieu.

Alex Ling

Senior Lecturer

A scholar whose research interests include contemporary European philosophy, film theory and history, mathematics and logic, psychoanalysis, and visual art and culture.

Rachel Morley


A scholar whose research includes life writing and creative non-fiction; qualitative research theory/practice (including ethnographies of writing and representation); archival studies; and affect and writing.

Chris Peterson

Associate Professor

A scholar researching the intersection of race and animality in fiction whose interests include 19th and 20th century American literature, sexuality studies, and critical theory.

Leo Robba


A scholar whose research and design practice focuses on design thinking and planetary health, the dissemination of information, systems thinking and more effective ways to communicate complex ideas that connect communities through art and science.

Dennis Schmidt


A philosopher who works with questions of literary theory, interpretation, as well as the bond between aesthetic experience and ethical life.

Madison Shakespeare


A multi-disciplinary lawyer and filmmaker who coordinates the Indigenous Major at Western Sydney University. Madison identifies proudly as a First Nation Australian, a salt water woman born on Gadigal Country of Kin from Nations across New South Wales.

Lorraine Sim

Senior Lecturer

A scholar whose research interests include modernism and modernity, Virginia Woolf, theories and cultural histories of the everyday, and the intersections between literature and philosophy.

Anthony Uhlmann


A renowned Beckett scholar whose research interests include modernist aesthetics, literature and philosophy, and literary form.

Dimitris Vardoulakis

Associate Professor

A scholar whose research interests include deconstruction, biopolitics, Carl Schmitt, Spinoza, Walter Benjamin, and Greek literature.

Alexis Wright


The author of awarding-winning books including the collective-memoir Tracker and the novels The Swan Book and Carpentaria. She is a member of the Waanyi nation of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

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