NameThesis titleProgramDate of completion
Jake GoetzThe Ecological Anti-Epic: Unsettling Environmental Myth Conceptions through Contemporary Longform EcopoeticsDoctor of Creative arts27/11/2023
Frances MasseyChildren of Chaos and The Goddess with a Thousand Faces: Unravelling the Heroine's Journey in the Myth of PersephoneDoctor of Creative Arts29/6/2023
Jazz MoneyThe Fire InsideMaster of Research25/2/2023
Geoff GatesProvince Spoke Instinctively to Province': International Australians and Universal CatalansDoctor of Creative Arts25/2/2023
Benjamin MuirThe McMillan Diaries' and Grief, Trauma and Letting go in Mark Z. Danielewski's 'House of Leaves'Doctor of Creative Arts24/3/2023
George HaddadA Changed Man: masculinities and shame in suburban Australian fiction and Losing Face: a novelDoctor of Creative Arts23/1/2023
Virginia BarrattBeside Our Selves: Panic as UnbecomingDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts22/6/2023
Xuehai CuiThe Representation of Orality in Alexis Wright’s Carpentaria and Uljiburin’s A Journey to Steppe Mongolia  
Solomon WakelingDream worlds and nightmare realms: focalising dream fictions with child and adult characters  
Emily StewartWalking Seven Walks: Solitaries, spirit-mediums and matrilineal influence in Lisa Robertson's poetics of soft architectureDoctor of Creative Arts18/11/2022
Henry RichardsPostapocalypse Reimagined: Catastrophe, Capitalism and Simulation in Briohny Doyle’s The Island Will SinkMaster of Research13/7/2022
Amanda TinkNever Towing a Line': Les Murray, Autism and Australian LiteratureDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts2/10/2023
Simon WangPoetics of Flowing Water and the Art of Immersion  
Laura MatekovicFinding Feminism: An Exploration of Feminist Identity in Contemporary Young Adult FictionMaster of Research8/2/2023
Jack JewellerYou are, I: A Study in Abjection with Exiting the Maze of Form in Gerald Murnane: A Boothian Reading of A Million WindowsMaster of Research3/1/2023
Faisal SayaniThe Dissident:  Addressing Historical Lacuna and State Censorship with Documentary ProseMaster of Research3/10/2022
Carly CappielliListurbia : lists as narrativeDoctor of Creative Arts9/8/2022
Louise CarterLuke Davies and the Electrified Lyric: Praise and Lament in Australian Postmodern Romantic PoetryDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts2/8/2022
Natalie PhillipsDeath’s human shroud : an interdisciplinary journey through the realm of death personificationDoctor of Creative Arts12/7/2021
Samantha TrayhurnReal and imagined birds : constructing meaning in writings on griefDoctor of Creative Arts12/7/2021
Harry FairlessBeing and becoming : the flux worlds of Philip K. DickDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts11/29/2021
Gary Bryson Doctor of Creative Arts11/5/2021
Katharine Pollock‘It’s not the biggest story ever, I know, but it’s telling’ : women, music, and the confessional mode and Her Fidelity : a novelDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts9/29/2021
Lucia MoonAn Unquiet Poetry: Eco-Consciousness in Kate Fagan's First Light and Earthworks, a collection of poemsMaster of Research29/9/2021
Sergej KozulThe History of Serbian Community Theatre in SydneyMaster of Research29/9/2021
Jane ScerriThe power and the passion : representation of single mothers in Australian fiction since Whitlam and a novel, The VergeDoctor of Creative Arts9/14/2021
Samantha RobertsThe Nights Belong to the Woman Writer. A mediation on Women's Writing Practices in Elizabeth Jolley's Miss Peabody's InheritanceMaster of Research23/7/2021
Darren DillmanResistance in dystopian fictionDoctor of Creative Arts7/23/2021
Justin Wolfers Doctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts7/22/2021
Lynn GarlickFrom rant to revolution : the possibilities and limitations of motherhood memoirDoctor of Creative Arts7/3/2020
Natalie ConyerPresent Tense : crime fiction in postapartheid South AfricaDoctor of Creative Arts6/30/2020
Geoffrey Munns Doctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts6/30/2020
Rebecca LawSeculum, an epic trilogy in verse by Peter Dale Scott : the poem as structure for a new dawnDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts6/29/2020
Narelle OntiveroReading the in-between : gender, space and identity in the serialised novels of Ada Cambridge and TasmaDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts6/29/2020
Natalie DayExpressionism and the unconfined female protagonist in three novels by Patrick WhiteDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts2/13/2020
Claire Corbett"Hold on, hold on to your old ways" : nostalgia in indie folkDoctor of Creative Arts2/11/2020
Sarah GilbertReading books in Buenos AiresDoctor of Creative Arts2/6/2020
Theresa HoltbyMolly HaydockDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts7/9/2019
Louise Jillett‘Wanderers like the Stars at Which They Gaze’: Suttree's Ever-moving Figures after UlyssesDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts7/9/2019
Umit KennedyBecoming on YouTube : exploring the automedial identities and narratives of Australian mummy vloggingDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts7/9/2019
Amanda De CliffordAt her Desk: the Writing Woman's DesireDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts3/8/2019
Katherine SutherlandUnbroken: Personal storytelling as a method of illuminating parenting experiences of disability, illness and diversityDoctor of Creative Arts2/8/2019
Martin MurphyHilarious Downfall: Comic Affect and the Shared Grammar of Literary and Screen Comedy NarrativesDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts1/18/2019
Megan BrayshawReflectant Tides: The Aqueous Poetics of Sydney in Women's Fiction, 1934-1947Doctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts10/23/2018
Luke BeesleyBlocks of liquid theme : Barbara Guest paints outDoctor of Creative Arts7/23/2018
Melvyn MacarthurOf Cancer and Other Things: Conversations with the Royal Philosopher on Pilgrimage to Santiago de CompostellaDoctor of Creative Arts7/23/2018
Lesley GissaneLiterary Recognition: Muslim Representation in Post 9/11 NovelsDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts7/20/2018
Glenn Stewart‘You as You Always Were’: Samuel Beckett and Kantian Critical PhilosophyDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts2/12/2018
Peter BoyleGhostspeaking: Heteronyms and the Translation of PoetryDoctor of Creative Arts2/9/2018
Jennifer CraigDisgusting Woundedness: Anorexia and the Transgenerational Transmission of TraumaDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts2/9/2018
Adam DanielAffective Intensities and Evolving Horror Forms: From Found Footage to Virtual RealityDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts2/9/2018
Lucy NeaveThe Imagined Border: Humans, Animals and Biopolitics in Contemporary Australian FictionDoctor of Creative Arts2/9/2018
Kate MiddletonEchoes and Polyphonics: Dan Beachy-Quick’s Poetics and Passage (New Poems)Doctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts10/30/2017
Michael AhmadWriting the Arab-Australian Narrative: The Development of New Autobiographical and Semi-autobiographical Literature on Arab-Australian Muslim Male Identities from Western SydneyDoctor of Creative Arts7/17/2017
Arka Chattopadhyay“Just Enough Still to Joy”: Beckett, Lacan and the Jouissance of Writing a Little RealDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts11/9/2016
Megan MundellMapping Intervention: How Creative Writers Use Experiential Techniques to Produce Literary Sense of Place/The Fever Diaries: A NovelDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts11/9/2016
Philippa SmithMultiple Pasts and Possible Selves: Negotiating Uncertainty in the Actualist Historical NovelDoctor of Creative Arts11/9/2016
Miro BilbroughAn Exploration of How A Feature Film Narrative Might be Reconceived as a Ciné-PoemDoctor of Creative Arts11/8/2016
Luke CarmanSons of Shame: Deconstructing White, Male Subjectivity in Greater Western SydneyDoctor of Creative Arts8/2/2016
Hoa PhamLingering Phantoms: Haunted Literature from the Vietnam/American WarDoctor of Creative Arts8/2/2016
Felicity CastagnaSpace, Anxiety and the Politics of Belonging in Suburban AustraliaDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts7/1/2016
Fiona WrightStaging the Suburb: Imagination, Transformation and Suburbia in Australian PoetryDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts7/1/2016
Rory DufficyThe Content of the Avant-Garde: Subjectivity, Community, RevolutionDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts2/16/2016
Jessica GilbeyA Mother (A)Rosa: Anais Nin and Reconceiving Subjective BirthDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts2/16/2016
Gretchen ShirmSelf Identity and the Ethics of Portraiture in Photography and WritingDoctor of Creative Arts2/16/2016
Jason TuckwellCreation and the Function of ArtDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts11/3/2015
Liesel SennWorshipping the Household Gods: Dickens and DomesticityDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts10/15/2015
Moslim EidanMaya Angelou's Aesthetic South in the Mirror of Poetic TranslationDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts8/26/2015
Nasrin Mahoutchi-HosainiThe Merchant's House: The Private and the Public in the Writing of HomeDoctor of Creative Arts8/26/2015
Kay RozynskiVital Signs and Surface Effects: On the Affordances of the New Materialisms For the Discipline and Practice of Creative WritingDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts8/26/2015
Annee LawrenceThe Colour of Dissonance: Ethics, Aesthetics, Alterity and Form in the Cross-Cultural NovelDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts2/13/2015
Hannah IannielloDrawn to the Slaughter: Violence in Jazz NovelsDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts7/17/2014
Patrick JonesWalking for Food: Regaining PermapoesisDoctor of Creative Arts7/17/2014
Gavin SmithFrom Robert Frost to Cognitive Poetics: A Theory of Poetic ExperienceDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts7/10/2014
Jesse BlackadderIlluminations: Casting Light Upon the Earliest Female Travellers to AntarcticaDoctor of Creative Arts6/27/2014
Gillian BarlowNomad's Home: A Pilgrimage to TranslationDoctor of Philosophy3/13/2014
Angela MeyerResistance and its Limits in Consumer SocietyDoctor of Creative Arts2/12/2014
Michael RichardsonIf This Is the World: Writing Torture, Affect and Power in the War on TerrorDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts2/11/2014
Joanne Taylor'Evermore': a Novel and Accompanying ExegesisDoctor of Creative arts12/4/2013
Meera AtkinsonThe Transgenerational Transmission and Poetics of Trauma: A Fictional-Conceptual ManifestoDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts11/22/2013
Martin EdmondDouble lives : Rex Battarbee and Albert NamatjiraDoctor of Creative Arts11/22/2013
Claire ScobieThe representation of the figure of the devadasi in European travel writing and art from 1770 to 1820 with specific reference to Dutch writer Jacob Haafner : an exegesis and The pagoda tree, a novelDoctor of Creative Arts7/24/2013
Christopher KremmerThe Chase: Truth, Testimony and Myth in the Neo-Historical NovelDoctor of Creative Arts7/18/2013
Tessa LunneySilence in Contemporary Australian War FictionDoctor of Creative Arts7/18/2013
Elizabeth DayDiscontinued narratives of migration and an art practice with earthDoctor of Creative Arts7/17/2013
Irini Savvides Doctor of Philosophy7/17/2013
Belinda CastlesWhat we don't know : exploring the inheritance of history through fictionDoctor of Creative Arts2/12/2013
Lucy HopkinsFiguring the child : the politics of the child subject in contemporary literary fictionDoctor of Philosophy2/12/2013
Thomas LeeAt all events, in retrospect I became preoccupied : the prose fictional metaphysics of W. G. SebaldDoctor of Philosophy2/12/2013
Joshua Meyer Doctor of Philosophy2/12/2013
James LeyThe secular wood : literary criticism in the public sphereDoctor of Philosophy7/27/2012
Jane SkeltonThe venae cavaeDoctor of Creative Arts7/27/2012
Elizabeth Dalman Doctor of Philosophy12/8/2011
Janet StarrThe epistemology of the fag hag's closet a Dionysian experienceMaster of Arts (Honours)7/27/2011
Nicola BrownTom Boyd : Victorian working man both ordinary and peculiar : a lesson in applied physiognomyDoctor of Philosophy7/15/2011
James Gourley"The pure event" : terrorism and temporality in the works of Thomas Pynchon and Don DeLilloDoctor of Philosophy7/15/2011
Elizabeth SlottjeStories tell culture, connecting identity with place : Australian cultural policy and collective creativityDoctor of Philosophy7/15/2011
Cindy BarrowBetween sympathy and the glitch : study of magic, magicians and the disruptive subjectDoctor of Philosophy2/4/2011
Kristel ThornellNight StreetDoctor of Philosophy2/4/2011
Matthew ThompsonMy Colombian Death: A Journey into the Heart of South America's Most Dangerous CountryDoctor of Creative Arts2/9/2010
Benjiman DenhamGestural sense : art, neuroscience and linguistic embodimentDoctor of Philosophy12/3/2009
Jill FarrarThe glossary as fictocriticism : a project ; and, New moon through glass : a novelDoctor of Philosophy2/6/2009
Stephanie DowrickRainer Maria Rilke : bearing witnessDoctor of Philosophy10/16/2008
Melinda JewellThe Representation of Dance in Australian Novels: The Darkness Beyond the Stage-Lit DreamDoctor of Philosophy10/16/2008
Susan Boyer   
Jacqueline ElliotA Heuristic Inquiry into the Writing Process of a Feature Film Script - The Red Sun TrailDoctor of Philosophy - Humanities and Communication Arts