Sydney Review of Books

The Sydney Review of Books(SRB) is an open-access online literary journal that publishes longform reviews and essays on contemporary literature and culture.

The journal was established by the Writing and Society Research Centre in 2013, partly in response to the diminished critical discussion of literature and the arts in the mainstream media in Australia. The SRB is committed to original and informed literary criticism, and to the essay in all its forms. Led by Dr James Jiang, the SRB team works with Australia’s best writers to publish work that expands and enriches Australian literary culture.

The SRB presents new review essays, feature essays, and interviews each week, as well as curating a lively series of public events throughout the year. It supports writers and writing by offering a number of annual residencies and fellowships for critics at all career stages.

The SRB receives funding from government and private agencies as well as reader donations.

The Circular

The Circular is a weekly newsletter and website that keeps the best new Australian non-fiction in circulation.

In October 2021 the Sydney Review of Books launched The Circular, an innovative digital project that curates and publishes a multi-platform newsletter featuring non-fiction by and about Australian writers.

Great writing can go viral – but much more frequently, it sinks into the archive with a minimal trace. Social media and search algorithms are notoriously unkind to literary publishing and do not reflect the range and quality of Australian literary culture. The Circular has sought to remedy this by providing a usable and engaging resource for connecting readers and writers, and for promoting a kind of relational reading across literary publications.

Edited by Dr Tiffany Tsao, this free weekly themed newsletter amplifies the work published by Australian literary journals and magazines. These newsletters, which are archived on The Circular website, form a set of alternative narratives about contemporary literary culture.

The Circular is supported by the Australia Council’s Sector Recovery Initiative fund.