Publishing at WSRC

Grace Roodenrys, Natasha Pontoh-Supit, Bria McCarthy and Melinda Jewell at the launch of Ghost Cities by The Writing Zone, 2022. Image by Sally Tsoutas.

Editing and publishing are significant areas of creative, industry and scholarly practice and expertise across the Writing and Society Research Centre. As a leading Australian tertiary hub for Literary Studies and Creative Writing, WSRC is unique in housing two major national publishing ventures: the Sydney Review of Books (edited by Dr James Jiang) and Giramondo Publishing (founded by Emeritus Prof. Ivor Indyk).

Additional publishing ventures include The Writing Zone, a grant-funded mentoring program for emerging Western Sydney writers and arts-workers, led by A/Prof. Kate Fagan; and Hatch, an initiative publishing writing emerging from SoHCA’s undergraduate creative writing programs, led by Dr Helen Koukoutsis.

The Hatch Logo. It is a cartoon black and white drawing of a hand writing on a sheet of paper with a pen.