soundsRite website

A creative arts journal of online sound and writing

Editors Hazel Smith (Writing and Society Research Centre) and Roger Dean (MARCS Institute)

soundsRite (Opens in a new window) is a joint initiative of the MARCS Institute and the Writing and Society Research Centre. SoundsRite, established in 2009 at Western Sydney University, publishes selected new media work that includes words or sound or both. The journal is online and open access and contains creative work only. It features sound works created for digital embodiment including generative, interactive and multi-channel pieces. Similarly, it showcases writing that is kinetic, generative or interactive. soundsRite features work by many internationally renowned and distinguished new media writers, musicians and visual artists, such as Jhave, Jason Nelson, Will Luers, JR Carpenter, Daniel Blinkhorn, Keith Armstrong, Paul Rudy and many others.