Meticulous Detail, Gongbi 工笔

Chinese Aesthetic in Fine Art and Experimental Photography in exchange with Australia August/November 2017gongbi web 1

Image: Enrico Scotece, Carlton Brewery, Sydney, Australia, 2005

This photographic exhibition is an international exchange between the Shenzhen Large Format Photography Association and PhD candidates from the School of Humanities and Communications Arts, Western Sydney University.

Gongbi 工笔, meaning 'meticulous detail', is a term borrowed from traditional Chinese painterly depiction, and refers to a careful realist technique, unlike the style of interpretive and free expression xieyi, 写意, or 'sketching thoughts'.

This cultural exchange compares and identifies traces of traditional Chinese aesthetic within photographic imagery regarding adoption and/or sharing of eastern and western sensibilities.

This exhibition examines what modernism and post-modernism bring to a westernised aesthetic and how much that, in turn, has already been influenced by traditional Chinese aesthetic.

The exhibition, Meticulous Detail, Gongbi 工笔, has been supported by the Australia China Institute of Arts and Culture, School of Humanities and Communication Arts and Art Collection, Western Sydney University. The project as a whole has been co-ordinated by China-Australia Cultural and Creative Industries Association and the Shenzhen Large Format Photography Association.

Dr David Cubby

August 2017

Exhibition Details

Date: Monday 28 August - Friday 24 November, 2017

Venue: Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture Gallery, Building EA.G.03, Parramatta South Campus, Western Sydney University. Corner of James Ruse Drive and Victoria Road, Rydalmere.

Gallery Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday 10.00 am – 3.00 pm, Friday 11:00am - 3pm

Contact: Lindsay Liu, (02) 9685 9943

gongbi web 2Image: Enrico Scotece, Mount Guthega, Kosciuszko, Australia, 2017