Invisible but Visible

Shen Wednesday 沈淑清

Invisible but Visible - 1 

"In the world there are many things which are invisible but it is still there, such as thoughts, music, wind...and so on, there are some visible but the shape of the seeing cannot really exist in our space, such as water, fire, electricity, light, and so on .... So I take Lao Tzu's Dao De Jing's philosophy to think about the invisible but visible and for the artist's mission is to show it in the realm of art, so invisible but visible is my theme for this art exhibition, I take *"Big view is Invisible" and  "Xi Xi trance, which is image in there, Xi Xi trance, which has substance in there*  Lao Tzu's Dao De Jing's Philosophy is a fundamental concept and I will present this in abstract form through my artworks.

In the production of works, with the different time of processes, my feelings, energy, thinking, ideas etc…also are different, so followed my hands I have different artworks to produce, this is a very elemental magic from scratch, of course! Come with me to enjoy this part of the results, also I would like to encourage everyone: I am a producer to make artworks but you are an artist too, when you look at the artwork you will have your own judgement and thought, you will become an artist sure is different way on you! For me art is life, it belongs to everyone and everyone can do it and by Invisible and visible, I say that is really Arts! Cheers!"

Shen Wednesday 沈淑清

Invisible but Visible - 2

Invisible but Visible - 3