Chinese Australian History

There are five sessions of 2022 Chinese Australian History Online Series, covering topics including Chinese Australian family stories, the important contributions of women to the maintenance of Chinese cultural practices/traditions and the passing down of cultural knowledge during the White Australia Policy era, a distinctly Chinese approach to settler colonial governance prior to federation, Australia’s Dictation Test, and pre-tertiary schools financed by the diaspora originating from Zhongshan county in Guangdong Province.
History Seminars video 22
From the success of the Chinese Australian History Series 1 in 2020, the Institute for Australian and Chinese Arts and Culture is very pleased to launch Series 2, with the first lecture entitled From Family Story to Australia’s Story, featuring Tim Watts MP in conversation with Professor Stephen FitzGerald.
chinese australian history series 2
The first series of Chinese Australian History seminar presented by Dr Michael Williams who is a graduate of Hong Kong University, a scholar of Chinese-Australian history and a founding member of the Chinese-Australian Historical Society.
chinese australian history series 1

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