My China Story

We are thrilled to announce that our second episode will feature the highly successful and celebrated TV and radio presenter, journalist, author and educator, Tracey Holmes. Tracey has 30 years of experience as an international anchor and journalist on ABC Australia, China Global Television Network (Beijing), CNN International (Abu Dhabi), Arirang TV (Seoul) and Dubai Eye.
Linda Jaivin
The Institute for Australian and Chinese Arts and Culture (IAC) is launching a distinctive, face-to-face conversation series entitled My China Story to build a three-dimensional understanding of China. The invited guests are from a wide range of fields and professions who have lived and worked in China for an extensive period of time. Each conversation features a guest speaker who will share individual stories and experiences to enable audiences to build their own perception and understanding of China. For the inaugural conversation of My China Story, we are delighted and greatly honoured to feature renowned Sinologist, author, essayist, cultural commentator, and Chinese film and literature translator, Linda Jaivin.
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