Research Students

Patrick’s thesis title is "Childhood Socio-emotional Development: Conceptualisation, Competency and Outcomes for Development and Psychopathology".
Eylem’s thesis title is "The Origins of Phonology and Lexicon (OPAL): Abstract Representations before 6 Months and its Relation to Infant-Directed Speech."
Nazanin’s thesis title is "Investigating Brain Dynamics underlying emotions in decision making".
Sami’s thesis title is "Motion Estimation for Neuromorphic Remote Sensing"
Ceren’s thesis title is "The Musical Escape: Investigating Music and Imagination".
Priyanka’s thesis title is "Automatic Real-Time Recognition of Objects in Photos and Videos on Edge Devices".
Matt's thesis title is "Trust in Human Autonomy Teaming"
Fernando's thesis title is "Using music to support efficacy of mental imagery in high performance sports"
Siyao’s thesis title is "A comparison of different music notations: initial interpretations, learning outcomes and chunkings"
Jessica's thesis title is "The effects of language experience and task variation on speech-in-speech recognition".
Anita’s thesis title is "Music Instrument Learning Throughout Ageing and Cognitive Impairment"
Pablo’s thesis title is "Cortical Microcircuit Models of Predictive Processing for Neuromorphic Processors."
Vishal’s thesis title is "Periodic Activation Functions"
Laura's thesis title is "Implementation of a dementia awareness and risk reduction intervention in rural and regional older adults".
Ade's project is "Explore how individuals apply mental imagery when listening to music as an attempt to reduce anxiety in general".
Daniel's thesis title is "Effects of Cognitive Load and Stress in Virtual and Augmented Reality Environments"
Milena's thesis title is "Little Multilingual Minds - Spanish".
Daniel's thesis title is "Is Visual Speech? An investigation of timing and form on the N1 and P2".

Wing's thesis title is "Effects of Cognitive Load and Stress in Virtual and Augmented Reality".
Kate's thesis title is "Contributing to the evidence base of the OZI-SF (Short Form) for multilingual children in South Western Sydney in the context of MECSH"
Philip's thesis title is "Hardware implementation of unsupervised feature extraction algorithms".
Mustafa’s thesis is titled "The Musical Escape: Investigating Music and Imagination".
Chantelle’s thesis is titled Developing and evaluating a training package for early childhood educators and health workers to collaborate with parents to support Aboriginal children’s communication development.
Yanping is an HDR student in our Speech and Language program. Her Thesis title is "Effects of High versus Low variability training on Second Language Acquisition of Mandarin Tones".
Sally's thesis is titled "Something in the Air".
Luiza’s thesis title is "Neural Bases of Prediction in Music and Speech".
Shivaram's thesis title is "Spiking Neurons As Changepoint Detectors"
Olivia is a PhD Candidate in cognitive neuroscience at the MARCS Institute. She is interested in neuropsychological assessment and risk reduction interventions for dementia focused on culturally and linguistically diverse populations.
Olivia Maurice
Adithya’s thesis title is "Brain-Inspired Neuromorphic Compute Architectures for Edge Computing"
Lekshmy's thesis title is "Network Analysis of Musical Improvisation in Australia".
Siri’s thesis title is "Explainability and Trust in Multi-Agent Human-Autonomous Teams".
Anjilkurri is in our Speech and Language research program and her thesis title is "Usefulness of Gesture as Teaching Modality to learn the Gathang Language."
Anjilkurri Rhonda Radley
Shavika's thesis title is "Odor identification and odor source localization using event based gas sensing."
Jacqui's thesis title is "Non-contact sensor for monitoring peripheral haemodynamics in patients with diabetes"

Napat's thesis title is "Predator Prey Drone Navigation with Reinforcement Learning"
Valentin’s thesis title is "Modeling Vestibular-Autonomic Interactions Effect On Spatial Disorientation in Pilots".
Nicole's thesis title is "The role of properties of infant-directed speech on early word learning".
Poorani’s thesis title is "Bilinguals' Speech Perception: Investigating Language Rhythm".
Martha’s thesis title is “Enhancing the efficacy of dance for health research and practice”.
Tina’s thesis title is “Early word recognition and perceptual adaptation across regional English accents by Arabic-L1 children in Australia” .
Jenny's thesis is titled "Prosody and Prediction in English and German".