Professional Staff

Darlene is our Institute Manager and oversees all administrative, financial and human resource functions of the Institute.

Charis is the Senior Administration Officer, Lifespan Labs. She oversees the administrative functions of the Age Lab and BabyLab and coordinates the outreach and communications activities for both labs.
As Business Administrative Assistant, Adriana supports the Institute Manager and works in collaboration with other professional staff within the Institute to ensure the efficient operation of the Institute by ensuring the provision of high level administrative support.
As Executive Officer, Rebecca contributes to policy, strategic planning and the operational success of the Institute and provides high level executive support to the Director, Institute Manager and broader Executive team.
As Centre Manager for the International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems (ICNS), Kathy is responsible for the operational management of the centre across facilities, staffing, finance, communications and stakeholder management.
As Administration Officer, Sandi provides administrative support to the ICNS director, deputy director, centre manager, and ICNS team.
Dr Karen Hutchings is our Senior Research Support Development Officer. She coordinates research funding activities as well as the day-to-day management of research activities and events of the MARCS Institute.
As the Senior Administration Officer, Research and HDR, Julia works closely with the HDR Director, Institute Manager, Graduate Research School, HDR Committee and researchers within the Institute to manage the HDR portfolio. HDR candidates within the Institute are provided support for all candidature matters and student experience.
Jeremy is a research assistant for BabyLab. This position works to improve BabyLab, assists with general BabyLab needs, and helps run studies.