Our Research Labs

The Institute has excellent state of the art labs and equipment to conduct lab-based research. These facilities attract researchers and students from Australia and across the world and are managed by an outstanding team of specialist professional staff who also provide technical support to researchers and students.



BabyLab is the foremost infant research laboratory in Australia. BabyLab is a non-profit Infant Research Centre for pure and applied infant research on speech perception and language acquisition. Scientists conduct research with infants and children focusing on speech perception, speech production, and related skills such as literacy. These studies provide a window into the mind of young babies acquiring the building blocks of language.

The Age Lab

Age Lab

The Institute’s Age Lab investigates changes in perception and cognition as people age. Researchers investigate associations between changes in hearing, social cognition and cognitive decline. Projects include examining how older adults recognise faces and voices, age-related changes in visual and auditory attention, and ways to optimise communication in noisy environments.


International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems

ICNS  is a leading  research group that develops neuromorphic sensors, processors, and algorithms.  Researchers focus primarily on real world applications of neuro inspired perception and processing, where biological systems have natural advantages over conventional solutions: where robust, low power, high speed processors must respond autonomously to noisy, unpredictable environments.