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How we partner

Partners say what sets us apart is our collaborative approach, the unique mix of arts, science and engineering expertise, and the social and technical perspectives we bring to projects. Two decades of successful collaboration have taught us how to understand our partner’s problems. We then build a team with the expertise needed to solve them.

Co-design is at the heart of our partnership approach. You bring the challenge and we’ll assemble the team with the right skills to solve it with you.

We also accelerate projects by applying knowledge from our extensive datasets and past projects. Our interdisciplinary teams co-design projects, clinical trials and training programs, as well as develop, test and implement technology solutions with industry, government and community partners.

World-class facilities also enable us to rapidly test and adapt technology, reducing the time it takes to transfer from the lab and into the field. Our location in Western Sydney and breadth of expertise ensures our research is reflective of culturally and linguistic communities and people with varied cognitive and physical abilities.


Whether it’s in healthcare, defence, arts, engineering, a ground-up approach is essential for co-developing projects with industry that deliver evidence-based solutions. We also analyse data, and test and refine prototypes.

  • We work with start-ups, small to medium enterprises, and large corporations
  • Projects can be short-term, long-term or both
  • We create professional development programs for educators and trainers


Our researchers have expertise across health, data science and computing, defence and aerospace, early life and aged care, and art and music sciences, and can help shape evidence-based policy, programs and events.

  • We partner on research and linkage grants
  • Our researchers can participate in advisory groups
  • We can provide background in the fields of cognitive development, aged care and emerging technology


Our research, whether it be field work or clinical trials of aged care research, is based in communities and truly reflects the diversity of the population. We don’t do research on communities, we do it with them.

  • We have expertise in working with neuro and linguistically diverse groups and individuals
  • We work with a range of cultural groups and co-design programs with community organisations


We bring together clinicians and frontline workers with the latest advances in engineering and technology.

  • Our researchers are deeply embedded in the healthcare sector
  • Our research is community-centred and reflects the needs of the population
  • We develop world-leading professional development and training
  • Our projects include clinical trials and co-development of evidence-based guidelines for use in healthcare and educational settings


We partner with researchers and research organisations globally to advance brain research and translation including:

  • Joint collaborations, research grants and projects
  • International visitors and fellowships
  • Placements, summer and winter scholarships
  • Internships
  • Sister lab exchanges

Partnership Enquiries

Let us know how you would like to partner with us, or if you have any questions about what a partnership would look like.

Partnership Opportunities