MARCS Membership

The MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development provides a stimulating and safe research environment in which researchers generate knowledge and strive for research excellence and impact.

The Institute’s Membership Program offers school-based researchers, ‘academic researchers engaged and employed principally through a WSU school’ the opportunity to maximise research capacity, impact and quality by facilitating interdisciplinary and cross-thematic linkages with specialist researchers, driving a culture of co-creation between schools and institutes as part of the University’s Strategic Goal to be ‘A research-led university with regional, nation, and global impact’.

The program allows researchers to contribute to the Institute’s mission in advancing knowledge and investigating sustainable solutions to the problems that matter most concerning humans and their interaction with other humans and technology.

Membership Principles

Academic staff researchers from Western Sydney University who demonstrate they meet the following membership principles may apply to become a member of the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development.

  • Commitment to:
    • the Institute’s missions, aims and strategic objectives;
    • research and impact in line with optimising human interaction and wellbeing across the lifespan
    • developing the next generation of longevity researchers
  • Preparedness for collaborative and inter-disciplinary research
  • Valuing the importance of building research capacity across Western Sydney University


  • Access to a lively intellectual environment and an international network of members and researchers in the field.
  • Expand your collaborative networks and gain access to a broad spectrum of potential collaborators.
  • Grow the profile of your research by aligning with a MARCS research theme.
  • Promote your work through a strong web and social media presence.
  • Attract higher degree research students to your research agenda.
  • Continue to build your research capacity through targeted training programs covering a diverse range of research skills.
  • Access and use of MARCS equipment and laboratories and licensed software.
  • Be eligible to submit grant applications through MARCS and for assistance in writing grant applications, rejoinders, and the like.
  • Have research grants administered through MARCS.


  • Research interests aligns with the Institute’s vision to ‘optimise human interaction and wellbeing across the lifespan’ across the research themes: sensing and perceiving, interacting with each other, and technologies for humans.
  • Minimum levels of achievement* in:
    1. Research Income - $25,000 p.a.,
    2. Weighted Publications - 1.5 p.a.
    3. Completions - 0.33 p.a., over the previous three years.

*Exemptions to the above may be acceptable as determined by the MARCS Executive Committee.


  • Undertake research of value and impact
  • Ensure that MARCS-relevant research grants are administered through MARCS
  • Undertake any relevant, theme-based research under the sponsorship, guidance and support of MARCS while continuing to be engaged by their home academic unit
  • Badge (or co-badge) MARCS as an institutional affiliation on publications, grant applications and other engagement and dissemination activities, where appropriate
  • Secure external research grants, publishing research outcomes, and supervising HDR students to completion
  • Contribute to the culture and intellectual environment of MARCS by:
    • serving on MARCS committees and panels as required
    • mentoring early career and emerging researchers as appropriate
    • contributing to MARCS Annual Report, triennial reviews, and other publications
    • contributing to the effective administration, planning, and management of MARCS by participating in meetings and other affiliated conferences and events as appropriate
    • promoting its research and activities within professional networks and to the wider public through engagement activities and dissemination of research through the media

Application Process

Before submitting the application, it is expected that school-based academics read the relevant policy and guidelines associated with the membership and ensure that they seek approval from the relevant supervisor and Dean within the school, as well as consult with the MARCS Program Leader.

Applications will be considered against the membership criteria using information provided in the form as well as the applicant’s research activity over recent years. Applications will be reviewed by the MARCS Institute with confirmation of membership requiring approval by the relevant school Dean.

Membership Application Form

To apply for membership with the Institute, please submit the online application form, together with any required attachment. Membership renewals should also refer to the same application form.


Contact the Institute Manager on