Research Impact

The Institute for Culture and Society is the largest dedicated research concentration of its kind in Australia and it holds a strong commitment to making a positive difference in the world through engaged research. We aim to carry out innovative interdisciplinary research into continuities and transformations in culture and society in a way that contributes to understanding and shaping contemporary local and global life: research with impact.

Some examples of our research with impact are profiled below:

  • Children's Rights in the Digital Age: ensuring that young people's rights are heard and considered in global policy making forums
  • Circles of Sustainability: assessing sustainability and managing projects directed as socially sustainable outcomes throughout the world
  • Community Economies Research: rethinking the economy to place value on diverse activities and prepare international communities to face current economic and social challenges
  • Community Land Trusts: creating new affordable housing options to help address Australia's current gap of affordable and sustainable housing for moderate income earners
  • Rethinking Multiculturalism/Reassessing Multicultural Education: shedding light on the challenges posed by increasing cultural complexity in schools and their communities and improving teachers' knowledge so that they can meet the needs of culturally diverse communities
  • Safe and Well Online: using technology to enhance young people's safety and well being online
  • Museums and Climate Change: museums and science centres have been identified as important contributors to global discussions and decision-making on climate change

A green community garden against a backdrop of tall city buildings.The Agro-cité on the outskirts of Paris developed by the EU funded R-URBAN project with occasional input from Community Economies Research Network members.