Dr George (Kev) Dertadian

PhD, Graduated 2016
Thesis title: Painkiller (Ab)use: The Discursive Construction and Lived Experience of Non-medical Consumption.

"ICS is an intellectually stimulating and nurturing place to do postgraduate study – it is a place that encourages the kind of critical thinking that defines the social and cultural research of today."

Dev DertadianGeorge (Kev) Dertadian, is a social researcher interested in alcohol and other drugs, the sociology of crime and deviance, and social and cultural theory. During 2011-2016 Kev completed his Doctoral studies at the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS), Western Sydney University (WSU). During this time he co-convened the Institute’s seminar series and was the Postgraduate Representative on its Higher Degree Research Committee. Kev's thesis was on the topic of the non-medical use of pain medications, an area which he has continued to do much of his research. In 2019 he also published his first book, which was based on doctoral research conducted at ICS and is titled A Fine Line: Painkiller and pleasure in the age of anxiety. Kev is currently a Lecturer in Criminology at the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

On reflecting about his time at ICS Kev says that "the research training and critical thinking skills I developed at ICS set me up well to work in many and various academic roles" during and since his doctorate. This includes work as an Associate Lecturer at the Kirby Institute for infection and immunity in society, UNSW between 2015-2016 and a Teaching Focussed Role as an Online Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences and Psychology, WSU between 2016-2018. He notes that "the thoughtful development of programs of workshops and training sessions that drew from the wealth of talent within ICS and work-class guest presenters is a highlight of my time at ICS."

Tayanah O'Donnell

Doctor of Philosophy, 2018
Exploring the Coastal Lawscape: Legal Geographies of Climate Change Adaptation in Two New South Wales Localities.

What I enjoyed most was the freedom and independence to pursue my research.

Tayanah O'Donnell

Tayanah is based at the Australian Academy of Science where she leads the Future Earth Australia initiative, as well as currently Acting as Director of the Science Policy team. She was previously a research fellow at the University of Canberra and is currently an honorary senior lecturer with the climate change institute at the Fenner School for society and environment at the Australian National University. She has published several journal papers in leading international journals, as well as a number of book chapters that span topics such as legal and political geographies, climate change adaptation and property rights, climate law, and land use planning and the public interest, and several research reports and international keynotes. Tayanah is lead author of an edited collection, Legal Geography: Perspectives and Methods, under production with Routledge.

Tayanah’s dissertation explores the legal, political and cultural aspects of coastal climate change adaptation. It won an AMP Tomorrow Maker award in 2017 (with an accompanying grant). Her dissertation, along with her work with local and state governments in Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Queensland, is under contract for two books with Palgrave Macmillan (expected in 2020). She maintains an active, albeit selected, research profile given her demanding day job in the prestigious Australian Academy of Science.

Tayanah says the best things about her PhD experience at ICS was the collegiality of all staff including senior professors and the ability to pursue true interdisciplinary research with real world impact. In particular, her supervisors Donald McNeill and Louise Crabtree, as well as key research staff including Megan Watkins, enabled Tayanah to produce a dissertation that contributes to both academia and to society.


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ICS Graduates

GraduateTopicHDR ProgramYear
Dr Clinton JohnsonComplicating Nation? Examining Federally Funded Touring Exhibition in an Assemblage FrameworkPhD2023
Dr Emillie BaganzCities, Creative Production and Innovation: Home working Mothers in the Cultural and Creative Industries: Navigating Motherhood and work in a Precarious, Neo-liberal economy.PhD2023
Dr Thi Thu Ha HoangThe Korean Wave in Vietnam: Social Media-Based Fandom, Affect and Cultural GlobalisationPhD2023
Dr Christopher ChengAustralian Migrant Heritage in South China: The Legacy of Diaspora-Funded Schools in Twentieth-Century ZhongshanPhD2023
Dr Helen BarchamBeyond the 'Docile Subject': Women's Entanglements with Therapy Culture as Ethical Self-MakingPhD2023
Dr Utsab BhattaraiResilience building: a study of livelihood management practices of the Sherpa people in the Khumbu (Everest) region, NepalPhD2022
Dr Amrita Limbu Migration, Emotions, and Affective Family Relations: A Study of Education Migration to Australia and Labour Migration to Qatar from NepalPhD2022
Dr Kate NaiduEmbodying Intercultural Capacities: An examination of the pedagogic functions of in-country educationPhD2022
Dr Cali PrinceUmasking the 4th Space: Collaborative Creativity in Praxis at the Intersection of Artists, People with their Communities, and InstitutionsDCR2022
Justin Gaudry MRes2022
Dr Pryor Aldous PlacinoLively Stones: a Study of Informal Sand, Gravel and Rubble Mining in the PhilippinesPhD2021
Dr Mauricio NovoaNew Pedagogies for Design: Revaluating the Design Artefact for the Post-Industrial RevolutionPhD2021
Dr Tsvetelina HristovaData infrastructures and digital labour: the case of teleradiologyPhD2021
Dr Jasbeer Musthafa MamalipurathTEDified Islam: postsecular storytelling in new mediaPhD2021
Dr Ilia AntenucciBeyond the Cloud. Security and the Making of Digital Cities in Cape Town and KolkataPhD2021
Dr Oznur Sahin City as Stage, City on Stage: Governing the City Through PerformancesPhD2021
Dr Sajal RoyLong-term Effects of Extreme Weather Events on Rural Livelihoods and Gender Relations: A Case Study of the Cyclone Aila's Impacts on the Shora (Muslim) and Munda (Hindu) Sundarbans Forest Communities of Bangladesh PhD2021
Elizabeth Gimbard

Cultivating Rice and Identity: an Ethnography of the Dusun People of Sabah Malaysia.

Dr Matt DalzielWhat Role Does Socio-economic Status Play in Determining the Digital Information Seeking Behaviours Amongst Year 11 Students Considering Post-secondary Career Options?PhD2020
Dr Alexandra ColemanThe Socio-Cultural Experiences of Students from Western Sydney Who Are the First in Their Family to Attend UniversityPhD2020
Dr Michael HartupSelf-disclosure Beyond ‘Vulnerability’: Young People, Musical Biographies, Technology and Music-makingPhD2019
Paul KleynjanMale Activists and FeminismMRes2019
Dr Luke Munn Approaching Algorithmic PowerPhD2019
Dr Andrea PollioThe Startup of Solidarity. Economic Experts, Social Enterprises and the Reengineering of Humanitarianism in Cape TownPhD2019
Dr Luigi Di MartinoDigital Diplomacy - New Strategies for a Social Public DiplomacyPhD2019
Dr David SpillmanExploring Collaborative CompetencePhD2019
Dr Sky HugmanCross-Sector Knowledge SharingPhD2019
Dr Jian LinCreative Labour in the Cultural Industries of China: Self-realisation, Governmentality and Subjectivity (joint award with University of Amsterdam)PhD2019
Dr Nigel EadesThe Impact of Culture and Communication: Living in Immigration DetentionDCR2019
Dr Sera HarrisSocial Workers and Technology: Rethinking Relationships in PracticePhD2019
Dr Cecilia HilderAustralian youth-led activist organisations and the everyday shaping of political subjectivities in the digital age.PhD2019
Dr Cecelia CmielewskiChallenges of Leadership in Arts Policy and Practice in Multicultural Australia.PhD2018
Dr Christiane KühlingRewriting Tourist Photography.PhD2018
Dr Mithilesh KumarState and the Working Class in the Making of the Global Metropolis of Delhi.PhD2018
Dr Tayanah O'DonnellExploring the Coastal Lawscape: Legal Geographies of Climate Change Adaptation in Two New South Wales Localities.PhD2018
Dr Jack ParkinMoney/Code/Space Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Geographies of Algorithmic Decentralisation.PhD2018
Dr Harriette RichardsFashioning Melancholia: A cultural history of sartorial representation in Aotearoa New Zealand.PhD2018
Dr Hermann RuizWriting Against Terror: a Different Vocabulary for Transitional Justice.PhD2018
Dr Timothy StrömMapping Google Maps: Critiquing an Ideological Vision of the World.PhD2018
Dr Sebastian Martin ValdezCommunicational Rights and Media Policies in Argentina.PhD2018
Dr Megan Clement-CouznerGender and Economic Activism in the Diverse Economy.PhD2017
Dr Neroli Colvin"…Diversity is Regarded as a Strength and an Asset": Multiculturalism as Understood, Valued and Lived in Two Regional Australian High Schools.PhD2017
Dr Giulia Dal MasoRisky Expertise in Chinese Financialisation: Haigui Returnee Migrants in the Shanghai Financial Market.PhD2017
Dr Ece KayaTransforming Industrial Urban Waterfronts: Industrial Heritage and Tourism.PhD2017
Marina KhanContested Ground: Migration Intermediaries Experiences of Network Governance in Australia Migration Industry.MRes2017
Dr Isaac LyneSocial Enterprise and Community Development: Theory into Practice in Two Cambodian Villages.PhD2017
Dr Joanne McNeillEnabling Social Innovation Assemblages: Strengthening Public Sector Involvement.PhD2017
Kate NaiduIssues of 'Interculturality' in Indonesian Language Teaching.MRes2017
Dr Keith ParryThe Bad, The Good, and The Ugly: The Formation of Heroes within the Setting of a New Sports Team.PhD2017
Billy PringleExploring Steven Lukes' 'Three-Dimensional' Theory of Power Through Analysis of Contemporary Australian Policy Discourse.MRes2017
Dr Shanna RobinsonExperimental Travel and Anti-Touristic Encounters.PhD2017
Dr Jen ShermanReading Infrastructures in the Contemporary City: a Study of Three Public Libraries in Sydney.PhD2017
Dr Andrea Del BonoChinese and Italian Place Brands in Contemporary Sydney: Assembling Ethnicity and/in the City.PhD2016
Dr George (Kev) DertadianPainkiller (Ab)use: The Discursive Construction and Lived Experience of Non-medical Consumption.PhD2016
Dr Alejandro Miranda NietoMobilities of Practice: The Circulation of Traditional Music Making Across Mexico and the United States.PhD2016
Dr Valeria Mikhailovna PashkovaArendt's Political Thought: the Relationship Between Truth and Politics.PhD2016
Dr Louise RyanTranscending Boundaries: The Arts of Islam Exhibition: Treasures from the Nassar D. Khalili Collection.PhD2016
Dr Kearrin SimsLaos in the Asian Century: Development, Displacement and Chinese Regionalism.PhD2016
Dr Erika SmithKokoda Track: Stori Bilong Waitlain Tasol? (Kokoda Track: Only a Whiteman Story?).PhD2016
Dr Deborah WallDevelopment, Governance and Indigenous People: Foregrounding the LNG Precinct Case in the Kimberley.PhD2016
Dr Frances WilliamsonEducating RINA: A Study of Generation 1.5 in the Australian Higher Education System.PhD2016
Dr Luh Micke AnggrainiExploring Balinese Sense of Place: A Tourism Planning Perspective.PhD2015
Dr Diana CollettInterplay of Cultural, Personal and Contextual Factors in Cross-Cultural Communication.PhD2015
Dr Anne HurniA Good Place to Bring up the Kids? Urbanism, Transport and Healthy Child Development in Blacktown (Sydney).PhD2015
Dr Sherene IdrissThe Just-In-Time Self: Young Arab Men, Skills and Narratives of Aspiration in the New Economy.PhD2015
Dr Karin MackayWomen's Wellbeing Through Creative Arts and Spiritual Practice: Reclaiming a Space for the Emergence of Self Within Community.PhD2015
Dr Ethan MillerBeyond Economy, Society and Environment: Toward a Politics of Ecological Livelihood in Maine, USA.PhD2015
Dr Pariece NelliganWalking the Vocational Tightrope: Narratives of Aspiration in the New Economy.PhD2015
Dr Iqbal BarkatGaps in Recognition: Media, Madness, Migration and Terrorism.PhD2014
Dr Benjamin ElthamScale and Creative Output in Australian Arts Organisations.PhD2014
Dr Bryn EvansCommercialising National Identity: A critical examination of New Zealand's America's Cup Campaigns of 1987, 1992 and 1995.PhD2014
Dr Shelley MaherWorking Well with Clients with Borderline Personality Disorder: The Experience of Nurses and Clients.PhD2014
Dr Bettina RöslerReimagining Cultural Diplomacy through Cosmopolitan Linkages: Australian Artists-in-Residence in Asia.PhD2014
Dr Jacqueline WillisA Tale of Two Globalisations: Policy, Culture and Nationalism in Divided Korea.PhD2014
Dr Ryan Al-NatourPolicy and Moral Panic in Australia.PhD2013
Dr Liliana CorreaThe Politics of Cultural Visibility.PhD2013
Dr Scott EastGlobal Citizenship: The Agency of the Museum Sector in Climate Change Interventions.PhD2013
Dr Maria GlarosA Cultural, Social and Historical Analysis of German, Italian and Japanese Women Living in Australia During WWII.PhD2013
Dr Christopher IllertRetrieval of South East Australian Aboriginal folk stories/art/songs and language.PhD2013
Dr Enda MurrayA Filmic Exploration of Personal Experience in Irish Migration to Australia.PhD2013
Dr Cathy O'CallaghanNegotiating the Challenge of Cultural Diversity in Children's Health Care: The Australian Context.PhD2013
Dr Willem PalingMobility, Modernity, Identity: The World in Phnom Penh and Phnom Penh in the World.PhD2013
Dr Adam TrauTourism, Development and World Heritage at Chief Roi Mata's Domain, Vanuatu.PhD2013
Dr Phillip WaddsPolicing Nightlife: The Representation and Transformation of Security in Sydney's Night-Time Economy.PhD2013
Dr Michael WilsonAccumulating Resilience: An investigation of the migration and resettlement experiences of young Sudanese people in the Western Sydney area.PhD2013
Dr Joanna WinchesterTrends in Community - Arts Collaborations in Greater Western Sydney.PhD2013
Dr Su Anne YapWhat is status anxiety and how is it defined culturally.PhD2013
Dr Cheryle Yin LoHow can we broker and involve communities in research and decision making in natural resource management.PhD2013
Dr Sebastian ByrneLessons with Jelena: The Rise of the Female Athlete in the Male Dominated Sporting Environment.PhD2012
Dr Alejandra Canales-MaldonaldoPerforming Water: A Documentary Fiction on the Cultural Futures of Water.PhD2012
Dr Fiona GrubbEmerging Post-Fordism: Deindustrialisation and Transition in the Suburbs.PhD2012
Dr Hilary (Hongjin) HeHong Kong Cinema under "One Country, Two Systems": Production, Reception and Policy.PhD2012
Dr Garth LeanTransformative Travel: The Socially Mobile De/Construction of Reality.PhD2012
Dr Georgina McClean'...And in doing so, reflect Australia's multicultural society': The Contemporary Role of SBS.PhD2012
Dr Granaz MoussaviThe Aesthetics of Poetry in Iranian Cinema.PhD2012
Dr Xiaoying Sheila QiParadoxical Integration: Globalised Knowledge Flows and Chinese Concepts in Social Theory.PhD2012
Dr Cristina WulfhorstIntimate Multiculturalism: blurred boundaries between Brazilians and Australians in Sydney.PhD2012
Dr Nathaniel BavintonThe Production and Use of Space in the Night-time Economy.PhD2011
Dr Jayde CahirTraces of Trust: A study of text messaging in everyday life.PhD2011
Dr Takeshi HamanoJapanese Women Marriage Migrants Today: Negotiating Gender, Identity and Community in Search of a New Lifestyle in Western Sydney.PhD2011
Dr Ashley HarrisRemember the time when.......: Investigating the associations and connections made by visitors at interpretation sites.PhD2011
Dr Gopal NairRethinking Fiji Coups: Corporate Domination and an Unseen Order.PhD2011
Dr Reena Dobson'The Most Cosmopolitan Island under the Sun'? Negotiating Ethnicity and Nationhood in Everyday Mauritius.PhD2010
Dr Justine HumphryI, Office: Configuring person and place in everyday office computing.PhD2010
Dr Valerie InghamThe Art of Decision Making.PhD2010
Dr Sarah JamesSharing Sydney Space: Settler, indigenous and migrant heritage on the urban fringe.PhD2010
Dr Jioji RavuloThe Development of Anti Social Behaviour in Pacific Youth.PhD2010
Dr Mathew WolnickiThe Contribution of Protected Areas to Quality of Life in Rural and Regional Communities.PhD2010
Dr Beatriz CardonaGlobalisation and the Biopolitics of Ageing.PhD2009
Dr Lynne SpenderThe Digital generation and Cultural change.PhD2009
Dr Laura Calderon de la BarcaBridges of Love: A Healing Journey for Mexican Identities.PhD2008
Dr Selda DagistanliBoys like them: The role of the courts in moral panics surrounding 'Muslim' gang rape.PhD2008
Dr Brenda DobiaShakti Yatra: Women on Pilgrimage to meet the Hindu Goddess of Desire.PhD2008
Dr Glen FullerModified-Car Culture of Western Sydney.PhD2008
Dr Jane KentRe-inventing the Goddess: Emanations of the Feminine Archetype in the Contemporary World.PhD2008
Dr Ngaire McCubbenLiving Cultural Diversity in Regional Australia: An Account of the Town of Griffith.PhD2008
Dr Jane MillsRe-imagining Hollywood: global, national and local cinemas and the circulation of ideas.PhD2008
Dr Josna PankhaniaPersonal and inter-cultural processes associated with yoga practice in Australia and in India.PhD2008
Dr Colin SheringhamThe Relationship of Leisure Time to Food Habits.PhD2008
Dr Shane SmithersThe Evolution of Ideas and their Function: a general theory of ideology.PhD2008
Dr Kaaren BlomRhetorics of risk: negotiating meaning in the public domain.PhD2007
Dr Susie GoffThe value of participatory practice to sustainability: a constructivist inquiry into participatory knowledge generating practices.PhD2007
Dr Aneela BabarLiving Room Seminaries: Negotiating religious networks, gendered selves and intercommunal relationships within the Pakistani diaspora.PhD2006
Dr Barbara Bloch"Unsettling Zionism" - Diasporic Consciousness and Australian Jewish Community Identities.PhD2006
Dr Tanja DreherFrom indifference to working in indifference: News and cultural diversity in Western Sydney.PhD2006
Dr Mitzi GoldmanHatred - The Psycho-Political Perspective.PhD2006
Dr Wendy HollandPerforming Multiple Identities: The Complexities of an Aboriginal Family History.PhD2006
Dr Meredith JonesMakeover Culture: Landscapes of Cosmetic Surgery.PhD2006
Ryan SengaraRedfern Kids Connect - Technology and Empowerment.PhD2006
Dr Dinesh WadiwelLubricity: Power, Sovereign Violence and Erotic Hope.PhD2006
Dr Claudia Magallanes BlancoA dialogic approach to video activism as a conscious raising agent. Mexico and independent videos on the Zapatista rebellion.PhD2005
Dr Daniel CunninghamThe 'Film' on Whiteness: depicting white trash in U.S. film, 1973-2003.PhD2004
Dr W R LangenbachPerformance Indicators: Performing the Singapore State 1988-1994.PhD2004
Dr Ingrid RichardsonTelebodies/Televisions: Corporeality and Agency in Technoculture - a critical analysis of televisual and new media technologies.PhD2004
Dr Cristina RochaZen in Brazil: The Quest for Cosmopolitan Modernity.PhD2004
Dr Selvaraj VelayuthamResponding to Globalisation: Nation, Culture and Identity in Singapore.PhD2004
Dr Tony WebbTowards a Mature Shame Culture.PhD2004
Dr Amanda WiseNo Longer in Exile: Shifting experiences of home, homeland and identity for East Timorese in Australia.PhD2003