Current HDR Students

Nick Agafonoff

Do brands teach us things? An Ethnomethodology of Successful Versus Unsuccessful Brand Pedagogies - PhD

Supervisors: Megan Watkins and Gay Hawkins

Photo of Vanicka Arora

Vanicka Arora

Post-Disaster (Re) Construction of Cultural Heritage: Negotiating Value, Authenticity and Acceptable Change in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal - PhD

Supervisor: Hayley Saul, Emma Waterton and Denis Byrne

Emillie Baganz

Cities, Creative Production and Innovation: Home working Mothers in the Cultural and Creative Industries: Navigating Motherhood and work in a Precarious, Neo-liberal economy.

Supervisors: Deborah Stevenson, Kyle Budge

Helen Barcham

Beyond the 'Docile Subject': Women's Entanglements with Therapy Culture as Ethical Self-Making - PhD

Supervisors: Tanya Notley and Penny Rossiter

Utsab Bhattarai

Utsab Bhattarai

Resilience Building: A Study of Livelihood Management Practices of the Sherpa People in the Khumbu (Everest) Region, Nepal - (Submitted)

Supervisors: Hayley Saul, Emma Waterton and Felicity Picken


Nicole Campbell

Behind the "Latte Line" - Infrastructure investment within Greater Western Sydney

Photo of Christopher Cheng

Christopher Cheng

Australian Migrant Heritage in South China: The Legacy of Diaspora-Funded Schools in Twentieth-Century Zhongshan (Submitted) - PhD

Supervisors: Denis Byrne, Ien Ang, and Jocelyn Chey

Photo of Bhavya Chitranshi

Bhavya Chitranshi

The Cusp of Postcapitalist and Feminist Praxis: In Adivasi Contexts - PhD

Supervisors: Katherine Gibson and Stephen Healy


Georgia Coe

Understanding and Promoting the Social and Emotional Wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Gender, Sex, and Sexuality Diverse Peoples as Experienced through Digital Spaces - PhD

Supervisors: Karen Soldatic, Corrinne Sullivan, Linda Briskman

Amelia Duong

Young Women in Hip Hop - MRes

Supervisor: George Morgan

Photo of Xuegang Fan

Xuegang Fan

Alternative Food Networks in China: New Peasantry and Reproduction of Alternative Agricultural Space - PhD

Supervisors: Katherine Gibson and Stephen Healy

Kecia Fong

Challenging Conservation: Negotiating Space, History, and Culture - PhD

Supervisors: Donald McNeill, Emma Waterton and Deborah Stevenson

Caroline Gasteen

Understanding, Evaluating and Critiquing Contemporary Digitisation Practices of Australian Museums- PhD

Supervisors: Fiona Cameron and Liam Magee

Raymond Gibson

Management Cultures and Aboriginal Organisations - DCR

Supervisors: Karen Soldatic and Louise Crabtree

Justin Gaudry

Panpsychism and Social Theory - MRes

Supervisor: Stephen Healy


Martyna Gliniecka

Conversational Aspects of User-based and Institution-based Digital Health-related Networking Spaces for Adolescents - PhD

Supervisors: Philippa Collin, Amanda Third, and Teresa Swist


Therese Hall

The effects of participation in social media-based housing support groups on single older women in precarious housing

Supervisor: Emma Power, Emma Mitchell and Jenna Condie

Mohammad Hanafi

Religious Values in Civic Engagement in Indonesian Higher Education - PhD

Supervisors: Greg Noble and Megan Watkins

Thi Thu Ha Hoang

Thi Thu Ha Hoang

The Korean Wave in Vietnam: Social Media-Based Fandom, Affect and Cultural Globalisation (submitted)

Supervisors: Ien Ang, David Rowe and Anna Cristina Pertierra



Hupfeld Hoerder

Bridging the Gap Between the Supply Chain and the Trans-national Fijian Fashion Market - PhD

Supervisor: Heather Horst


Zoƫ Elena Horn

Emergent Architectures of Automation: Logistical Power and the rise of `New Retail?

Supervisors: Ned Rossiter, Brett Neilson

Profile: Google Scholar (opens in a new window)


Clinton Johnson

Complicating Nation? Examining Federally Funded Touring Exhibition in an Assemblage Framework (Submitted) - PhD

Supervisors: Deborah Stevenson and Emma Waterton


Nirmal Joy

Kerala Migrants & Caste in Australia: Narratives of employment seeking and belonging.

Supervisors: George Morgan and Malini Sur


Madelaine-Marie Judd

Manifestations of cultural competency in Australian higher education institutions: Strategic vision versus enacted strategy

Supervisors: Megan Watkins, James Arvanitakis and Shelley Kinash


People Image 

Christiane Keys-Statham

Public Art and the Museum: Connecting the Powerhouse to Parramatta - PhD

Supervisors: Malini Sur, Deborah Stevenson, Zelmarie Cantillon

Marina Khan

Marina Khan

Technological Spaces and Network Governance: Transformations in the Australian Migration Industry - PhD

Supervisors: Shanthi Robertson and Tanya Notley

Rakesh Kumar

Individual Capitalism: Digital Side-projects Entrepreneurships and Platform Capitalism – PhD

Supervisors: Liam Magee and Shanthi Robertson


Boya Li

Young PRC-born Migrants’ Civic Engagement in Sydney: (Re)construction and Negotiation of National Identifications

Supervisor: Megan Watkins, Greg Noble, and Benjamin Hanckel

Profile: LinkedIn (opens in a new window)

Photo of Amrita Limbu

Amrita Limbu

Everyday Social Protection of Transnational Families: Nepali Migration to Australia and Qatar – (Submitted)

Supervisors: Shanthi Robertson and Brett Neilson


Sally Macarthur

Cultures of Work, Gender and Marginality: Civility within Institutional Music Settings

Supervisors: Deborah Stevenson, Susanne Gannon

Photo of Anisah Madden

Anisah Madden

Nourishing Deep Pluralism: How Community Food Sector Practices Build Rituals of Care and Connection Across Difference - PhD

Supervisors: Katherine Gibson, Stephen Healy, Gerda Roelvink

Philippa Mansor

The Cultural Practice of Astrology: a Case Study of Contemporary Traditional Practice - PhD (submitted)

Supervisors: Brett Neilson, Elaine Lally and Zoe Sofoulis

Linda Marsden

Linda Marsden

The Self, Selfies and the Performance of Health Identities by Young People - PhD

Supervisors: Amanda Third, Tony Rossi, Nicky Taylor

Dan Musil

Dan Musil

'Co-operating for a Just Transition' – Subjects of Economy, Low-Carbon Transition and the Earthworker Cooperative - PhD

Supervisors: Katherine Gibson and Stephen Healy

Kate Naidu

Kate Naidu

Embodying intercultural capacities: An examination of the pedagogic functions of in-country education (Submitted) - PhD

Supervisors: Greg Noble and Megan Watkins


Sarah Nectoux

Mobility Capital and the Sensory City: Exploring the impacts of embedded autonomous technologies on migrants with physical disabilities in marginalised areas of Sydney and Paris - PhD

Supervisors: Karen Soldatic, and Liam Magee


Robert Nugent

Space and the Cinema of Planetary Regard; Modalities of filmmaking in the time of the Anthropocene - DCA

Supervisors: Juan Salazar and Hart Cohen

Lisa Portolan

How has online dating changed the way relationships are instigated, developed and navigated? - PhD

Supervisors: Amanda Third and Philippa Collin

Calico Prince

Cali Prince

Unmasking the 4th Space: collaborative creativity between artists, people with their communities and institutions.- Doctorate of Cultural Research (DCR) (Submitted)

Supervisors: Philippa Collin, James Arvanitakis, and Louise Crabtree

Billy Pringle

Is the Political 'Moment' of 'Brexit' and the Election of Donald Trump to the Office of US President Reshaping Australian Political Discourse, Particularly Discourses of Neoliberalism?

Supervisors: Gregory Noble and Brett Neilson


Eleanor Robson

Contemporary approaches to sustainability governance by Australian local governments: Planetary health in the Blue Mountains. 

Supervisor: Juan Salazar, Louise Crabtree, Tayanah O'Donnell

Gina Rocafort Gatarin

Gina Rocafort Gatarin

Moving in Managed Chaos: Social Movements Changing Manila's Transport System - PhD

Supervisors: Paul James and Anna Cristina Pertierra

Md Sabbir Sharif

A critical look at the housing career of Australian immigrants’ entry to homeownership - PhD

Supervisors: Louise Crabtree and Neil Perry

Francesca Sidoti

Young Adults and the Disclosure of Choice - PhD

Supervisors: George Morgan and Greg Noble


Jori Snels

Gazing Ahead: China’s Imagined Futures in Digital Art

Supervisors: Ned Rossiter and Josh Wodak

Profile (opens in a new window)

David Spillman

Exploring Collaborative Competence - DCR (submitted)

Supervisors: Bob Hodge and Louise Crabtree

Ian Steep

An Inquiry Into the Lived Experiences of Nepalese Students Studying at Australian Third Party Providers of Higher Education Using Bourdieu's Theory of Practice - PhD

Supervisors: Megan Watkins and Tania Ferfolja

Karen Sy de Jesus

Karen Sy de Jesus

Quo Vadis, Chinese Diaspora? Cultural Identities in the Transnational Social Field - PhD

Supervisors: Ien Ang and Shanthi Robertson

Skye Tasker

Skye Tasker

'Who - or what - are experts of young people's data journeys? Exploring the power relations and curation of mHealth applicants' - PhD

Supervisors: Philipa Collin and Teresa Swist


Slamet Thohari

Survival of the Weak - Woman with Disabilities in Javanese Society: A Case of Lendah, Kulonprogo - PhD

Supervisor: Karen Soldatic, and Denis Byrne

Alejandra Villanueva

Alejandra Villanueva

Shaping Up Bodies: An Ethnography of Masculinities and Physical Training in Sydney - PhD

Supervisors: Greg Noble and George Morgan


Yan Wang

How does intergenerational relationship sharp youth mobility and transitions to adulthood - PhD

Supervisors: Shanthi Robertson, Ann Dadich, and Youqing Fan


Michelle Whitmore

Imagineering a world with less plastic waste: A Disney case study

Supervisors: Felicity Picken, Denis Byrne, and Emma Waterton

Photo of Vanessa Whittington

Vanessa Whittington

Moved to care for Country? Visitors, landscape, affect and the role of heritage interpretation - PhD

Supervisors: Emma Waterton and Denis Byrne


Jessica XU

Tertiary Schooling for Families of Chinese migrant background in Australia - PhD

Supervisors: Megan Watkin


Yinghua Yu

How do ‘New Chinese’ Professional Women Negotiate Their Workplace Identities and Work/Life Balance in Sydney? - PhD

Supervisors: Greg Noble, Sheree Gregory and Liam Magee


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