ICS at the Crossroads

A road crossing is painted in purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red stripes. A woman stands on the crossing posing for the camera while another takes her photo.

Just as people in Australia are turning their minds to the Christmas holidays, many ICS researchers and research students are seeing out 2016 with over 800 of their peers in one of the largest cultural studies conferences in the world.

The Association for Cultural Studies' Crossroads in Cultural Studies conference (opens in a new window)is taking place in Sydney in mid-December at co-host University of Sydney's Camperdown campus, with a pre-conference for research students held at the Parramatta campus of co-host Western Sydney University. 

The conference will address such major global cultural issues as racism, migration, digital citizenship, smart cities, violence and substance abuse, housing unaffordability, and sustainable communities. 

ICS researchers will lead three panels presenting the work of major research projects: two on Australian cultural production, practices and tastes, and one on Sydney's Chinatown in the Asian Century. They are also participating in several other panels and sessions and, along with research students, giving many individual presentations (see pdf attached for details).

Taking part in Crossroads 2016 on our own doorstep – this is the first time that it has crossed the equator – represents an intellectually stimulating end of year for the busy citizens of ICS.

ICS Participation in Crossroads in Cultural Studies 2016 

Main Conference

Ien Ang (Chair and Discussant) 'Sydney's Chinatown in the 21st Century – From Ethnic Enclave to Global Hub

  • Kay Anderson, 'Chinatown Unbound'
  • Alex Wong and Donald McNeill, 'Real Estate and the Rise of China'
  • Andrea Del Bono, 'Assembling Chineseness: Ethnic Community and the Paradoxes of Urban Cultural Politics'

Cecelia Cmielewski, 'Creative and Organisational Leadership for the Arts in a Multicultural Australia: Curiousworks and Performance 4A'

Phillip Mar, 'Uses of Diversity: Australian Multicultural Arts and the UNESCO Convention on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions'

Ned Rossiter (Chair), 'Transdiscipline: the Generative Value of Design Research + Cultural Studies'

Abby Mellick Lopes, 'Cooling the Commons' and 'Repair Cultures' (co-authored)

Amanda Third, 'Recuperating the Feminist Manifesto: Reading the Female Terrorist's Autobiography'

Ned Rossiter, 'Organized Networks, Social Media and the Question of Political Mobilization' (co-authored)

Malini Sur, 'The Blue Urban: Colors of Contestation in 21st Century Kolkata'

Bob Hodge, 'Epigenetic models for cultural analysis'

Hermann Ruiz, 'Caring for the Environment'

Katherine Gibson and Ann Hill, 'Building Resilience in More Than Human Community Economies'

Alexandra Coleman, '"Good Life" Genre(s): Higher Education and Becoming Middle Class?'

Sebastian Martin Valdez, 'Politics by Other Means: Human Rights and Media Reform in Argentina'

Oznur Sahin, 'Civic Engagement Through the Performativity of Islam and Secularism in Istanbul'

Liam Magee (Chair), 'Towards Thick Data: Stories from the Field'

Luigi Di Martino, 'Qualitative Analysis Within Computational Twitter Analysis'

Juan Francisco Salazar, 'Speculative Fabulation as Method: Researching Worlds to Come in Antarctica'

Ned Rossiter (Chair), 'Digital Infrastructures (Data Centres)'

Brett Neilson, 'Archive, Warehouse, Cable Station, Mainframe Room, Data Centre'

Liam Magee and Ned Rossiter, 'Operationalising the Data Centre: Algorithmic Platforms and the Distribution of Computational Labour'

Harriette Richards, 'My Mother's Dress: The Uncanny in a Remembered Photograph'

Ece Kaya, 'Old Industrial Waterfront is the New Space of Consumption: The Rocks of Sydney'

Justine Humphry and Alana Lentin,' A Phone in My Pocket": Antiracism Apps for Combatting Everyday Racism'

Shanthi Robertson, 'Love in Transient Times: Intimacies and Mobilities for Young Asian Migrants to Australia'

Megan Watkins, 'Can Space Teach? Pedagogies of Social Order'

Capitalising Culture: Critique and Renewal (Australian Cultural Fields panel)

  • Tim Rowse, 'Tastes for Indigenous Culture'
  • Tony Bennett, 'Putting culture into class'
  • Greg Noble and Anna Pertierra, 'Ethnicising Australian Cultural Consumption'

Louise Ryan, 'Reputation and Identity: MONA and the Re-branding of Tasmania'

Sarah Barns, 'A New Deal on City Data? Frameworks for Engagement in an Age of Platforms'

Donald McNeill, 'The City of Idle Capacity: Venture Capital and the Monetization of San Francisco'

Andrea Pollio, 'People as (Digital) Infrastructure: Digital Divides, Urban Divides and Slumdog Startups'

Anna Reading and Tanya Notley, 'Inside/Outside Global Memory Infrastructures: On Responsibility, (In) Equality, and Environmental Destruction'

Stephen Tomsen and Kev Dertadian, 'Violence, Identity and Marginal Masculinities in Urban Drug/Substance Use'

Gay Hawkins, 'Hybrid Assemblages: Water Markets and Publics'

Louise Crabtree, 'Housing as Commons: Did We Miss Something?

Stephen Healy, 'Care and Common Concern'

Australian Cultural Fields: Formation and Transformation

  • David Carter (University of Queensland) and Michelle Kelly, 'Books and Book Culture in Contemporary Australia: Taste and Participation'
  • Ben Dibley and Modesto Gayo (Universidad Diego Portales), 'Musical Taste and New Modes of Distinction: Investigating the Australian Music Field'
  • David Rowe, 'The Australian Sport Field: Allegiance and Ambivalence'

Amanda Third (Chair), 'Children's Rights in the Digital Age'

Emma Keltie, Delphine Bellerose, Kari Pihl and Amanda Third, 'Children's Rights in the Digital Age: A download from Children Around the World'

Pre-conference Workshop Sessions

Brett Neilson and Malini Sur (co-authored), 'Critical Border Studies'

Amanda Third, 'The Engaged Researcher vs. The Robed Scholar: Thinking Through 'Engaged Knowledges'

Katherine Gibson and Stephen Healy, 'Commoning as a Postcapitalist Politics: A Community Economies Research Approach'

Justine Humphry, Pip Collin and Teresa Swist, 'Digital Research Reflexivity: Challenges, Opportunities and Identities' (co-authored)

Gay Hawkins, 'Dealing with Peer Review' (co-authored)

Ien Ang, 'Cultural Studies and Asia' (co-authored).

Image credit: AAP: Tracey Nearmy (opens in a new window)

Posted: 29 November 2016.