Presentations & Activities

The MARCS Research Development Portfolio runs Research Development Sessions and Workshops throughout the year on topics such as Introduction to MARCS grant processes, strategic use of FOR codes and Linkage application planning and best practice.   The Research Development Portfolio also assists in organising the MARCS Research Impact Competition held annually.

Please see below for the PowerPoint slides related to the MARCS Understanding the Grants Process Presentation from March 2021 presented by Karen Hutchings and Peter Keller (WSU login required). These slides include information on MARCS competitiveness in recent grant rounds, as well as some tips and tricks that may be helpful when applying to ARC schemes.

WSU Research Services Mr Gary Long presented an update on WSU’s Excellence in Research (ARC/ERA; WSU login required) performance and strategy, please see a copy of this presentation below.

WSU Librarian Ms Ria Hamblett presented on a workshop on writing for ROPE: Writing Track Record statements, and Academic Log presentation.