At Western Sydney University, the welfare of our students is our number one priority. That’s why we happily provide multiple support services to ensure your transition to university goes smoothly.

Student Learning Advisors

Whether it’s course advice, study support, one-on-one assignment help, language practice, or guidance to getting settled in Australia, our Student Learning Advisors are here to help you with any concerns you may have.

They also facilitate many of our student groups, including the English Conversation Group (fondly known as ‘Chat Club’), and our Peer Mentor Program. To get involved, contact the friendly team at Student Support Services.

You can book an appointment by clicking here.

Student welfare and counselling

Free and confidential counselling services are available to students on the Sydney City Campus. Our counsellors are here to provide you with advice, and to help you work through any issues you may be experiencing. This may include:

  • advice on making friends and adjusting to university
  • help staying on track with your studies
  • financial guidance
  • accommodation support
  • international students help
  • health, safety and personal well-being
  • help with misconduct, Review of Grades and Special Consideration
  • referral to other services, such as free legal help.

Accessibility support

Assistance is available for those with disabilities or chronic health conditions. Students with temporary injuries, such as a broken limb or a serious, short-term illness may also be eligible.

Make an appointment

If you need support, we advise getting in touch with a Student Learning Advisor or Counsellor as soon as possible. This will help us figure out the best way to help you work through any issues, and ensure your studies aren’t negatively impacted.

Call:  +61 (2) 8236 8037
Email: For counselling or accessibility support contact 
Student Advisors can be reached at