Towards A National Strategy for Media Literacy

Australian Media Literacy

Consultation workshops

To develop a national strategy for Media Literacy in 2021 we organised six workshops across Australia. The consultation workshops included 121 people representing 89 organisations. The participants were from civil society organisations, public cultural institutions, research institutions, government agencies and media organisations.

The consultation process revealed strong agreement amongst the participants that there is an urgent need to make Media Literacy a priority for all Australians. There was also agreement that Australia cannot afford the social or economic costs of media illiteracy.

There was strong consensus that a unifying framework is needed to bring consistency to Media Literacy efforts in very diverse settings. The consultations also called for national funding support and guidance on Media Literacy through the development of resources, toolkits and networking opportunities.

The Towards a National Strategy for Media Literacy report reports on key insights from the consultations. It was presented to Federal government and will continue to inform the work of the Australian Media Literacy Alliance.