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TeEACH strives to be a strong ‘beacon’ in achieving positive social change, shining a light on where and how we can best support young children and their families. We work to address current inequities in child health, development and wellbeing through multi-disciplinary applied research. We are committed to bringing together people with diverse expertise and experience, including service professionals, children and community members, opening the way for new thinking and innovation in the design and implementation of impactful approaches to service provision.

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The HOPE framework is taking hold across Australia. In 2023 we will be continuing our efforts in the community and embedding the framework into many of the projects that we embark.

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Children, Families and Communities, 4th edition, looks at the ways in which children, families and communities influence each other and how different contexts affect them all.

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These training modules provide a solid foundation on understanding volunteering, isolation and vulnerability in contemporary Australian communities, strengths based approach to supporting community members, boundaries and self-care for volunteers, safety, welfare and wellbeing concerns, linking with professional services and other community resources and much more.

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This book investigates why women choose ‘birth outside the system’ and makes connections between women’s right to choose where they birth and violations of human rights within maternity care systems.

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