Adele Cave

Effectiveness of a herbal and nutritional supplement on cognitive function in older adults with subjective cognitive complaints

Between 25-50 per cent of the world's ageing population experience subjective cognitive complaints (SCCs) such as frequent forgetfulness, difficulties concentrating, making decisions and thinking clearly. SCCs are also linked to an increased risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer's disease.

The aim of Adele's study is to test the efficacy of a herbal and nutritional supplement in a sample of older adults who report SCCs. The project is a six month trial which will test the effects of the supplement (compared to placebo) on cognition (CogState), mood, fatigue, electrophysiology and autonomic function.

Adele's project will be investigating an under researched area and will provide a greater understanding of the effects of complementary treatments on brain activity and mood. The outcomes of her study will hold great value to the general community, particularly those who are noticing a decline in their cognitive functioning.


Associate Professor Genevieve Steiner-Lim; Professor Dennis Chang; Professor Gerald Muench