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The Young and Resilient Research Centre embraces an integrated mode of research and development, education, training and enterprise to research and develop technology-based products, services and policies that strengthen the resilience of young people and their communities, enabling them to live well and participate fully in social and economic life.

Today's globalised world holds significant prospects, but it can be tough for young people. They face rising levels of unemployment and underemployment, housing stress and mental health difficulties—challenges that are felt acutely in Western Sydney. At the same time, technology is playing an increasing role in young people's lives, offering opportunities but also potentially exacerbating existing problems.

Building on a track-record of collaboration since 2010, the Young and Resilient Research Centre, at the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) incorporating Intergener8 Living Lab (opens in a new window), has partnered with more than 100 stakeholders, including non-profits, big business, government and young people themselves, to find holistic, technology-based strategies to support intergenerational resilience. The Centre enables young people and their communities to address some of the critical challenges of contemporary life, and enhance wellbeing locally, nationally and internationally.

We work with children and young people all over the planet, researching the role of technology to inform policies, programs and interventions that can minimise the risks and maximise the benefits of the digital age.

Our research deploys youth-centred, participatory co-research and co-design methods across four key research programs, underpinned by a  Living Lab - Intergener8 Living Lab (opens in a new window):