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Mark Amerika

Remix is a widespread practice of recombining existing material to make something new – including covers, sampling, mash-ups, smash-ups and cut-ups. Remix culture has been bedeviled by legal issues around copyright but these have diverted attention from important cultural, artistic, and philosophical questions which Mark Amerika addresses. Amerika brings us back to the potentials of remix, for writing and for audiovisual work. He looks at how new media artists, many of whom identify with the historical avant garde, are expanding the forms of remix art to foreground an anti-disciplinary [anti-authoritarian + interdisciplinary] approach to both contemporary practice and theory. Amerika will discuss his experimental art, theory, and pedagogy, including his recent projects Immobilité and remixthebook.

Mark Amerika

Audio Recording

Listen to an excerpt from Mark Amerika's presentation including an introduction by Writing and Society Centre member Associate Professor Anna Gibbs.

Mark Amerika is an internationally renowned “remix artist” whose body of work includes published cult novels, pioneering works of Internet art, digital video and surround sound museum installations, large scale video projections in public spaces, live audio-visual/VJ performance, and most recently, a series of feature-length “foreign films” shot with different image capturing devices in various locations throughout the world.

He is the author of many books including remixthebook (University of Minnesota Press, 2011) and META/DATA: A DigitalPoetics (The MIT Press, 2007). His novels include The Kafka Chronicles (University of Alabama Press / FC2, 1993), Sexual Blood (University of Alabama Press / FC2, 1993), and 29 Inches (Chiasmus Press, 2007).

Jason Nelson

Jason Nelson also ran a media writing workshop that allowed participants to construct digital poems using GoogleMaps on laptops and other hand-held media devices.

Jason Nelson

Jason Nelson is a digital and hypermedia poet and artist. He is a lecturer on Cyberstudies, digital writing and creative practice at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. He is best known for his artistic flash games/essays such as Game, Game, Game And Again Game and I made this. You play this. We are Enemies. Nelson’s style of Web art mergers various genres and technologies, focusing on collages of poetry, image, sound, movement and interaction. His hybrid poetics/net artwork has appeared in over 40 galleries, festivals and journals/magazines over the past three years and his site has had over 3 million hits in 2006.

This is How You Will Die won the First Panliterary Award for Web Art from the Drunken Boat Literary Journal; Countries of a Uncomfortable Ocean (which bundles two of his art games) won the Biennale Internationale des poètes en Val de Marne for Media Poetry in 2009, and The Bomar Gene won the 4th International Prize “Ciutat de Vinaròs” on Digital Literature.

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