MCA Discussions: Marking Time

Saturday 31 March and Sunday 1 April 2012.

To coincide with the Museum of Contemporary Art's reopening exhibition Marking Time The Sydney Consortium and the MCA presented two panel discussions featuring artists from the exhibition and special guest scholars.

The first discussion, Orient, Occident, Accident, included a presentation by artist Lindy Lee, who spoke about how her art making is linked to her meditation practice and Zen Buddhism more generally. This was followed by a talk by Steven Connor, Professor of Modern Literature and Theory at Birkbeck College London, who  discussed various philosophical conceptions of time and space. Finally Tom Nicholson showed and discussed a series of his works that led to his contribution to the Marking Time exhibition, Untitled wall drawing, a text piece that documents every time a national boundary has been created since 1901.

The second discussion, Time, Light, Movement, included a screening and brief discussion by Edgar Arcenaux of his film An Arrangement without Tormentors. This was followed by a presentation by physicist Dean Rickles who discussed time and movement in connection with science, technology and the art of Jim Campbell. Jim Campbell himself then presented works that spanned over 20 years of his practice in relation to the title of the discussion Time, Light Movement.

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