WHS consultation

Effective consultation is an essential component for effective health and safety management. Western Sydney University has adopted a framework for consulting on health and safety matters. This framework consists of a number of formal and informal consultation mechanisms which workers and others at the University can utilise.

Consultation is a process of sharing information and views about health and safety issues that affect workers, with the aim to foster open and effective communication between the University and workers.

The primary method for consultation within the University is through a direct dialogue between workers and their supervisors.

Supervisors must consult with their workers when:

  • identifying hazards and assessing risks to health and safety arising from the work carried out or to be carried out by the University.
  • making decisions about ways to eliminate or minimise those risks.
  • making decisions about the adequacy of facilities for the welfare of workers.
  • proposing changes that may affect the health or safety of workers.
  • making decisions about procedures for consulting workers; resolving health and safety issues; monitoring the health of workers; monitoring the conditions at a University workplace; and for providing information and training to workers.

WHS consultation structure

The health and safety consultation framework within Western Sydney University has been agreed to with the NTEU and CPSU.

The University encourages all workers to discuss health and safety matters directly with their supervisor in the first instance. Workers or supervisors may choose to escalate a health and safety matter using formal consultation arrangements.

Western Health Safety and Wellbeing HSR Committee

The health and safety committee meet every quarter to discuss health and safety matters at the University, and to assist in the development of standards, rules and procedures relating to health and safety.

The list below outlines committee membership, more information about the committee structure is detailed in the document below.

HSR Committee Members

Western Sydney University:

  • Beth Mayland
  • Anne Jones
  • Nijat Imin
  • Janaya Stevenson
  • Tamara Carroll
  • Michael Brogan
  • Gavin Smith
  • Kay Caroll
  • Jennifer Allen
  • Paula Sanchez
  • Yichao Wang

The College:

  • Colin Chen
  • Jeffrey Brown
  • Kimberley Fuggle
  • Loc Tran
  • Maria Charalambous
  • Samuel Frost

Resolving a WHS issue

Health and safety issues should be resolved locally where possible. Where this isn't possible a worker or supervisor may utilise one of the University's formal consultation mechanisms.