10,000 Steps Challenge

10,000 steps challenge

Did you know that the average office worker only takes 3,000 steps a day? It’s a long way from the recommended 10,000 steps we should be aiming for.

Being physically active is crucial for health and wellbeing. A large portion of our adult lives are spent at work, which are progressively becoming more and more sedentary environments.

We would like to invite you and your colleagues to join Western’s 10,000 Steps challenge, which runs from Monday August 21 to Sunday October 1 2023.

You will be placed into CAMPUS teams, with the goal of completing the highest number of steps by the end of the challenge and compete against other WSU campuses. Which campus will prove to be the most physically active?

We are also participating in the overarching Australasian Universities Health Challenge where staff and students at each university come together to compete against Universities across Australia and New Zealand, with individual’s daily step counts adding to their University’s total.

Joining the challenge will not only improve your mental and physical health, but it will also see you share a sense of comradery and achievement with your colleagues.

The campus with the highest average steps taken (top 10 participants from each campus) will be awarded a cash prize of $1000 to be passed onto a charity or charities of their choice and be crowned Challenge Champions.

There will also be prizes awarded in the following categories:

  • $100 1st prize and a $50 2nd Prize for top 2 individuals per campus team based on average daily steps at the conclusion of the challenge.
  • 10 x $100 lucky prizes drawn randomly from the pool of participants that have a minimum average daily steps of 2000+ at the conclusion of the challenge.

For more information and details on how to register for Westerns 10,000 Steps challenge, please see the below steps:

1. Register for the Western Sydney University 10,000 Steps Challenge on WESTERNLife (please use your normal staff email and password to log into WESTERNLife when prompted).

2. You will be redirected to the 10,000 steps website. Please log in if you already have an account to make sure your email and password is still working or create an account if you don’t already have one (when creating an account please use the same email you used to login to WESTERNLife). We also highly encourage you to download the 10,000 steps smartphone app, which is available on both android and apple devices, as this will allow you to sync up your fitness apps for automatic tracking of your steps and activity or will make manually entering your steps each day much easier.

3. Finally once you have successfully logged into the 10,000 steps website, please email unisport@westernsydney.edu.au to let the sports team know that you have registered and they will add you to your relevant campus team ready to go.

Now all you need to do is get as active as possible and help your campus take out the challenge and help Western Sydney University compete in the Australasian University Health Challenge and see which University prevails as the most physically active!

Let the challenge begin!