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Welcome to the Squiz Matrix Content Management System (CMS) Training Hub.

In 2022, the Squiz Matrix CMS was upgraded to Squiz Matrix 6, which introduced a number of improvements to authoring functionality and performance.

What's new and changed in Matrix 6?

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  1. Improved asset right-click asset context menu
  2. Settings screen removed
  3. New dates screen
  4. Web paths screen renamed  to 'URLs'
  5. Improved recently viewed list
  6. Handling of the content screen on standard pages
  7. Admin UI for access for content editors - The /_admin interface was previously not allowed for some users because content editors could only use the /_edit and Edit+ interface to edit content. This restriction is now relaxed because of the significant improvements and changes to the backend UI in Matrix 6 to make it more user friendly. This improvement also enables content editors to perform a similar list of actions they had access to in Edit+ in Matrix 5.
  8. Improved lock acquisition
  9. Improved image variety editing experience

For more information, please see the Squiz documentation.

Here in this Training Hub, we will provide resources to guide you with content authoring and web publishing of your sites and pages that are managed within the Squiz Matrix CMS.

Training Videos

Explore the training videos below to:

  • find out more about the Squiz Matrix 6 CMS;
  • transition you from the Edit+ Interface to the Admin Interface; and
  • learn how to create and update your respective sites and pages.

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