A University of the people

To celebrate UWS’s 25th anniversary as a corporate university, and also the 200th anniversary of its oldest institutional forebear, Dr Mark Hutchinson was commissioned in 2010 to write the University’s history. Entitled A University of the people: a history of the University of Western Sydney to 2014, the Silver Anniversary History book was released in November 2013. Richly illustrated and written in a conversational, energetic style, open to a broad audience, the book provides thumbnail sketches of the forerunner institutions, and explores the political, intellectual and social roots of the idea of a University for Sydney's Western Suburbs.

Chapter Headings: 

Chapter 1: Forerunners

Chapter 2: Reformers

Chapter 3:  Necessities

Chapter 4: Innovations

Chapter 5:  Divisions

Chapter 6: Restructurings

Chapter 7: The Bleeding Obvious

Chapter 8: Acts of Faith.

Length: 87,000 words.

Publisher: Allen & Unwin.