Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to the Work Planning and Career Development Process, where can I get help?

Online training and resources are available form the MyPlanning menu within MyCareer Online (opens in a new window). Or you can access how to videos on Work Planning and Career Development (opens in a new window). You can also contact Talent and Leadership Development or your HR Partner or Advisor.

What do I do if I have a new Supervisor?

Complete your Self Review and talk to your supervisor about obtaining feedback from your previous supervisor. If they agree, email your previous supervisor a copy of your Self Review (you can save this as a pdf). Ask your previous supervisor to provide written feedback on your Self Review and either provide this to your current supervisor or ask your previous supervisor to email them. You can also ask your HR Advisor to make your old supervisor a co-planner in MyCareer Online (opens in a new window).

What do I do if I am a new Supervisor?

You can ask your staff member to nominate who might best know their work and seek feedback from that person. Use the performance review discussion as an opportunity get to know your staff and talk about their plans for next year.

I'm on extended leave, do I need to do a Self Review?

Staff on extended leave can have their Self Review deferred by their head of unit. It will be recorded in the system as not completed. A request can be made to allow a supervisor to complete the Supervisor Review without the staff member having completed the Self Review. This request should be directed to your HR partner. In some cases, the task to complete a self-review can be reviewed by the HR Advisor.

If my supervisor is on extended leave, what do I need to do for the Self Review?

You should complete your Self Review which will be submitted to the acting supervisor if they are in the role for longer than 90 days. If not, you should save and print your Self review and discuss it with your head of unit. If you complete this in hard copy it can be forwarded to HR to be added to the staff members file.

Your supervisor or Head of Unit / Dean can request an extension.

I cannot see my Staff in MyCareer Online, what do I do?

Contact your HR Advisor (opens in a new window) to check that the HR system identifies you as the Supervisor. It may be that you are in the supervisory role for less than 90 days. Ask your staff to forward you a copy of their Self Review. If you complete this in hard copy it can be uploaded as a pdf file to the staff member's self review area.

I cannot see my objectives but I submitted them to my supervisor.  What do I do?

If you completed your objectives earlier in the year and you cannot see them in the Self Review, this is usually because your supervisor has not approved them in the system. Skip the first step – Academic/Professional Portfolio and complete step 2 – Academic/Professional Staff Review. You can print your objectives and attach them to your review as well as forward a copy to your supervisor.

I have more than one role at the University or have been in another role prior to the review.

You should complete your Self Review and save and forward a pdf copy to your other supervisor. Any feedback provided can be attached to the Self Review.

Could I have an extension?

No, the self review will be closed off in MyCareer Online (opens in a new window) on the closing date. If you are not able to meet the deadline, please contact your supervisor and your HR Advisor.

I'm on probation, do I need to complete a Self Review?

No. All staff on probation will complete the probation review process which is a separate process to the performance review process.

I am using an Apple Mac and cannot access MyCareer Online or Staff Online

If you are using a Mac, you can access MyCareer Online (opens in a new window). Sometimes the pop-up blocker prevents MyCareer Online (opens in a new window) from opening in a new window and you will need to disable the pop-up blocker. Most browsers are now working including Safari and Firefox. If you still have issues accessing MyCareer Online (opens in a new window) contact the IT Service Desk x 5111 who can assist with CITRIX access.

Who do I contact for more assistance?

For assistance, please contact:
Talent and Leadership Development Your HR Partner or Advisor