Renaming multiple files in Windows

This works for Windows 7, Vista and XP

At some stage you may need to rename multiple files with the same name. This process renames all selected files with the same name and a number in parenthesis.

To rename multiple files

  • Open your folder
  • Select the files required
  • From the File menu, choose Rename (or right mouse click the selection and choose Rename)
  • Press F2
  • Type the new name and press Enter


  • When you start to type the new name it appears to only replace one file name. After you press Enter all of the files are renamed.
  • When you rename multiple files, all of the renamed files have the same name with a number in parentheses added. E.g. Photo, Photo (1), Photo (2) etc.
  • If you make a mistake when you try to rename multiple files, you can do one of the following;
    • Press CTRL+Z, or
    • From the Edit menu, choose click Undo Rename

You can repeat this process as required.