Using the Windows Taskbar

Icons on the Win 7 Taskbar

The Taskbar is the bar that appears at the bottom of the screenj.

The Taskbar contains the Start menukby default and Icons to start programs (e.g. Outlookl) See Diagram 1

 Every time you open a program, an Icon appears on the Task Bar but it is only temporary.

To add a permanent icon

You need to "Pin" the program to the bar. There are several ways of doing this.

  • You can drag the Icon to the Taskbar and Windows will automatically pin it.
    See Diagram 2
  • You can Right mouse click the Icon and choose Pin to Taskbar See Diagram 3


Icon shortcut

The Icon that appears on the Taskbar is a shortcut and has more functions built in.

If you move your cursor over the Icon it will show a shortcut
for any open documents.

When you Right mouse click the Icon, you get a shortcut menu.
See Diagram 4

The bottom three linksmare setup by default.

  • The top link will open a new instance of the propgram.
  • The middle link will Unpin the Icon (from the Taskbar) and
  • The bottom link will Close all of your open windows.


  • The top sectionnis a list of recent documents. You don't need to open the program to see and open your recent documents.
  • If you right mouse click a document in this listo, you can permanently Pin it to the top of the shortcutsp.