Windows Calculator

As well as the normal function of a calculator, Windows built in calculator does more.

To open the Windows Calculator

Do one of the following;

  • Click the Calculator key (1).
    Some keyboards have a Calculation key above the number pad in the "Function" row.
  • Press Window + R on the Keyboard.
    • Type calc and click OK
  • From the Start menu, choose All Programs
    • From the Accessories folder, choose Calculator (2).

To see the views we talk about here click the View menu (3)

Modes (4):

Firstly, there are 4 modes. The calculator default is the Standard mode, there is also a Scientific mode, Programmer mode, and Statistics mode.

History (5):

The calculator keeps a History of all your calculations on Standard and Scientific modes.
You can select a recent calculation and go back to it.

Digit grouping (6):

Digit grouping option, allows you add a comma to every third number, for the "thousands"

Specific calculations or conversions (7):

The Calculator also does specific calculations or conversions. For example;

The Unit Conversion allows you to convert Feet to Inches or Celsius to Fahrenheit, and many more.
The Date Calculation allows you to see the difference between two dates.

Lastly, under the Worksheets mode you can calculate your Mortgage repayments, Vehicle Lease payments or your Fuel economy.

Remember, you need to de-select the modes to turn them off.